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ID Category [?] Severity [?] Reproducibility Date Submitted Last Update
05606 Gameplay Major Always Jun 12, 2014, 16:31 Dec 11, 2019, 06:35
Tester Tafoid View Status Public Platform
Assigned To mizapf Resolution Fixed OS Windows Vista/7/8 (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.153 Fixed in Version 0.217 Build
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary MESS-specific 05606: crvision and clones: Sound is playing at a slower tempo/causing game delay issues
Description Sounds/music is playing at a noticeably slower tempo and it interrupts with gameplay in a significant way causing inputs to malfunction and gameplay to slow to a crawl.
Steps To Reproduce mess crvision astropin

This is a good example to illustrate the issue.

F10 to "reset", 1 to start
Use T for plunger, Left Shitt/CTRL for flippers.
Additional Information Breakage traced to r27614 - Converted SN76496 ready to DEVCB2
Github Commit
Regression Version 0.153
Affected Sets / Systems crvision and clones
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Dec 11, 2019, 06:35
Appears to have been fixed by mizapf with