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05748 Misc. Minor Always Oct 20, 2014, 20:40 Mar 24, 2016, 15:01
Tester demotester View Status Public Platform MESS (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows XP
Status [?] Confirmed Driver apple2gs.cpp
Version 0.155 Fixed in Version Build Normal
Summary MESS-specific 05748: apple2gs (and probably others): The "Diagnostics Test" failed.
Description The apple2gs system failed on diagnostics test.
Steps To Reproduce mess apple2gs -flop3 "A2gsDiagnostics_v3.0.2MG" ...... (failed test as shown on attached picture)
Additional Information Apple IIGS Diagnostics 3.0 =
Regression Version
Affected Sets / Systems apple2gs (and probably others)
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png file icon apple2gs.png (4,143 bytes) Oct 20, 2014, 20:40 Uploaded by demotester
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Apr 6, 2015, 21:58
There are multiple bugs demonstrated by the interrupts test.
The first failing test is measuring the number of cycles that elapse between scanlines in fast mode. Should be either 25 or 26, but MESS returns 36.
After forcing that one to pass, the second failing test waits for a single interrupt to occur, but occasionally two are issued in succession, and so the interrupt count is wrong.
After forcing that one to pass, the third failing test wants to enable an interrupt for each scanline in SHGR mode, but only the first line issues any interrupt.
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Apr 6, 2015, 22:52
other issues, no idea why yet:
- clock ram test crashes the test program
- adb test causes emulated reboot unless a video pattern test is run first
- adb test always fails after passing once
- iie key-repeat test fails
- keypad print key is not supported
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Mar 24, 2016, 15:01
edited on: Mar 24, 2016, 20:12
In addition, found other failed tests...

mess apple2gs -flop1 "ComputerInspector (MECC 1.0).dsk"

The problem...

2. Monitor Adjustment /
  2.Super-high resolution (looks weird in MESS!? - but hmm, seems ActiveGS emu does not support this resolution at all) --> New: see EDIT down below!

4. Disk drive test /
  1.Drive Speed (it should be cca 300 rpm, but it is not!? - on ActiveGS emu reports 299 rpm)
  2.General Operation (did not pass the test!? - but pass on ActiveGS emu)

Btw. the good new is...

1. Machine identification ... on MESS it reports Apple2gs 2 meg! - on ActiveGS it reports Apple//e 128K!? --> New: see EDIT down below!

(hmm sadly, still to this day there is no an accurate GS emulator, but only approximate)

EDIT: regarding the ActiveGS Super-high resolution missing...

If mount the disk on S6D1 but start from basic prompt with "pr#6", instead clicking on menu Reboot 6 icon, it will report Apple2gs 2.25meg!
Now Super-high resolution works and it look same / similar to MESS! (but the question is does it looks the same on a real GS too?)

(Note: press RMB on ActiveGS window to get into disk mount menu)