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06083 Core Major Always Nov 19, 2015, 19:16 Nov 21, 2015, 01:00
Tester oliver View Status Public Platform
Assigned To galibert Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.167 Fixed in Version 0.168 Build
Summary 06083: cpu/z8000/ - wrong asmflags
Description For the following ranges, the asmflags are wrong:

0x2210,0x22ff (resb)
0x2310,0x23ff (res)
0x2410,0x24ff (setb)
0x2510,0x25ff (set)
0x2610,0x26ff (bitb)

The asmflags for all of them are currently "@%rw3,%3" - this indicates, that the register is read from Bit 0-3 (3rd part of the opcode bitwise). Instead, the register is decoded in the bit 4-5 - so the 2nd part of the opcode. So the asmflags have to be "@%rw2,%3"

Please find a Photo of my Z8000-ASM Book attached. And an assembler-run of all mentioned mnemonics.
If wanted I can provide pictures of other ASM Books I own....
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Nov 19, 2015, 19:22
Fixed in 1581177aff2f7d213d2203c5f16b18671e4d9e45, thanks.