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ID Category [?] Severity [?] Reproducibility Date Submitted Last Update
06225 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulator) Always May 29, 2016, 16:29 May 30, 2016, 06:02
Tester rcoltrane View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To cuavas Resolution Fixed OS Windows Vista/7/8 (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved Driver midtunit.cpp
Version 0.174 Fixed in Version 0.175 Build Normal
Summary 06225: mk, mk2: Game doesn't start - crash while loading
Description The game crashes while loading.
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Regression Version 0.171
Affected Sets / Systems mk, mk2
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has duplicate 06227Closed mk3: MK3 doesn't start - crash while loading 
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May 29, 2016, 16:58
Shut Cheats OFF, game should work fine.
It appears to be an XML cheat issue and not MAME
Closing. If this changes, we will reopen.
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May 30, 2016, 06:02
To follow up. Please check for outdated, cheat folders or any alternate cheat files. Even in your root folder.. anywhere in your MAME folder.
There was a bug that was fixed which this bug is being accepted and should now show the proper message about :

== mk2.xml(5): error parsing cheat expression "temp0" (invalid memory name)

But it still is unclear how these alternate cheat package are getting read.
I you have the latest cheat.package in a fresh folder - MAME will not crash.