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00632 Documentation Minor Always Jan 31, 2008, 19:37 Feb 14, 2008, 18:26
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Version 0.37b14 Fixed in Version 0.122u5 Build
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Summary 00632: qbert: "Hello, I'm turned on" isn't playing when powering up.
Description According to the story on, Q*Bert (driver gottlieb.c) is supposed to say "Hello, I'm turned on" when it is powered up. This is not emulated. It's in the latest sample set from Dith (and you can hear in the sound test in the service mode). IIRC, MAME emulated the startup sound (as well as Q*Bert saying "Bye-Bye") a long time ago(probably about the time Dith updated the samples), but it is no longer there anymore. It is supposed to be there, however.

Update: The "Hello, I'm turned on" sound does play in service mode (its sound code is 28).

Another Update:I looked at a Q*bert instruction manual and this might be a clue to solve qbert37b14gre1. It states that when the game is powered-up there is a 10 second delay before attract mode starts. In qbert's MAME emulation the attract mode begins immediately. Maybe the "Hello I'm turned on" sound occurs during that 10-second absense?
Also, the manual states "Depressing any control button - The instruction set will now appear on the playing field and follow throughgame play and strategies". To me that means that during attract mode if you press and control button the instructions will be display on screen but that doesn't occur.
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