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06670 Interface Minor Always Aug 28, 2017, 07:52 Aug 28, 2017, 16:55
Tester Maarten View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Confirmed Driver
Version 0.187 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Summary 06670: 'Alt-Tab' doesn't work with fullscreen opengl/bgfx/gdi video
Description When running MAME on MS-Windows full-screen in combination with either opengl, bgfx, or gdi video, 'alt-tab' does not switch to other applications. Instead, the focus remains on the MAME window.
Steps To Reproduce 1.)
On Windows, open a random application (notepad, for example) in order to have something to alt-tab switch to.

2.) Start mame fullscreen with either opengl, bgfx, or gdi as the video mode.
mame64.exe pacman -nowindow -video opengl

3.) Press 'ALT-TAB' to switch to the other application.

Expected results: The focus changes to another application.

Actual results: Focus remains on MAME.
Additional Information Switching between windows with alt-tab when running '-video d3d' does work as expected (does switch between windows). So it appears to be restricted to opengl, bgfx, and gdi. Also, when running MAME windowed instead of fullscreen (even with opengl/bgfx/gdi) alt-tab works as expected, so it is restricted to full-screen.
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Aug 28, 2017, 08:22
Not a Graphic issue. changed the category.