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06747 Media Support Major Always Oct 31, 2017, 20:47 Nov 1, 2017, 15:09
Tester demotester View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Duke Resolution Fixed OS Other
Status [?] Resolved Driver einstein.cpp
Version 0.191 Fixed in Version 0.192 Build 32-bit
Summary MESS-specific 06747: einstein: Formatting on double-density drive fails!
Description Notes:

a) Old systems with XtalDOS versions less than 2.x only supports single-sided 40 track drives!

b) New system 5 with XtalDOS 2.x supports single-sided and double-sided 40/80 track drives!
The default set-up under XtalDOS 2.x is for drives 0 and 1 to be single-sided, and drives 2 and 3 to be double-sided (all 40-track)!
(Note: This can be altered as is explained in the Systrem 5 manual, but is not needed for this test.)

c) The System 80 also supports single-sided and double-sided 40/80 tracks drives!
The default set-up is for drives 0 and 1 to be single-sided 40-tracks and drives 2 and 3 to be double-sided 80-tracks!
(Note: This can be altered with "CONFIG" command.)

So here is the list of all possible drive configurations that System 5 and System 80 supports:

Single-Sided, 40-Track (188k) ==> The original 3" drive
Double-Sided, 40-Track (386k)
Single-Sided, 80-Track (386k)
Double-Sided, 80-Track (768k)

In the current MAME/MESS implementation, in the "Machine Configuration" internal menu it is possible to set between Single-Sided or Double-Sided drives!
(all 40-track drives, I guess, so no posibility for 80-track drives)
Steps To Reproduce - Start the einstein driver as "empty".
- In the "Machine Configuration" internal menu set drives 0 and 1 to be single-sided and drives 2 and 3 to be double-sided. (Press F3 key to reset)
- Mount the System 5 (or System 80) into drive 0 and press "LCtrl + LAlt" keys to boot.
- In the internal menu "File manager" create new disc images: for drive 1 (new_40SS.mfm) and for drives 2 (new_40DD.mfm) as read-write images.
- Type BACKUP command (if System 80 see notes below) and choose to format and follow the instructions.

Notes if System 80:
Run the CONFIG and set drives 0/1 to be single-sided 40-track and drives 2/3 to be double-sided 40-track, save the config! (Note: the disc must be in write-supported format)
Type BACK80 and choose to format and follow the instructions.

- First format the drive 1 that is set as single-sided ... formatting and verifying passes!
- Now try to format the drive 2 that is set as double-sided ... after formatting it shows an error on verifying?

- If you exit from the BACKUP program and type: "DIR 1:" it works fine, but type "DIR 2:" and it shows nothing!
(so formatting the drive 2 as double-sided is currently not working)
Additional Information Btw. In the current swlist there are several files with size="432111" and one with size="435183".
HexEditor says that these disks are 40-track double-sided, but as have all sectors equal on both sides are probably baddump by wrongly using SAMDISK tool settings.
(all can be converted to single-sided and will also work fine)
Now, if mount a such disc into drive 1 set as single-sided and type "DIR 1:" it will show the content, but if you mount into drive 2 set as double-sided and type "DIR 2:" it will not show the content, even the disc is double-sided.
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Nov 1, 2017, 11:20
Default for the drives is now 3" single sided for the internal drives and 5.25" 80 tracks double sided for the external drives (matches System 80).
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Nov 1, 2017, 15:09
Thanks for fixing this! (also note: in current swlist xmaster == system5p)