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06770 Misc. Typo Always Nov 21, 2017, 19:54 Nov 23, 2017, 08:28
Tester demotester View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Duke Resolution Open OS Other
Status [?] Assigned Driver amiga.cpp
Version 0.191 Fixed in Version Build 32-bit
Summary MESS-specific 06770: a500, a500p, a600: Not standard memory configurations!
Description According to testing with SysInfo on MAME drivers:
- current a500 driver contains STD AGNUS 512K + 1MB CHIP RAM
- current a500p driver contains ECS AGNUS 1Meg + 1MB CHIP RAM + 512KB SLOW RAM (aka $00C0000 RAM)
- current a600 driver contains ECS AGNUS 2Meg + 2MB CHIP RAM

The current a500 driver has config that did not exist on a real Amiga 500 OCS!
Standard a500 OCS comes with 512KB CHIP RAM + possible expansion 512KB SLOW RAM (aka $00C0000 RAM).
Only Amiga A500 with ECS AGNUS 1Meg was possible to be expanded from 512KB to 1MB CHIP RAM!

The current a500p driver would be fine if without 512K SLOW RAM (aka $00C0000 RAM)!
I am quite sure that SLOW RAM did not existed on A500 plus!

The current a600 driver looks OK as a such config is possible on a real Amiga! (i.e. 2MB CHIP Expanded config)
But Standard A600 comes with 1MB CHIP RAM only!

Why standard memory configuration is very important for an Amiga?
Because it pretty much increases the compatibility with software written to work only on standard memory configurations!
Steps To Reproduce Mount the sysinfo.adf on a500, or a500p, or a600 driver and in CLI type: sysinfo (enter)!
(or check on attached pictures and compare with other emu WinUAE quickstart configurations)
Additional Information Even on my real Amiga500 ECS AGNUS 1Meg + 512KB CHIP RAM + 512KB SLOW RAM configuration, there exist software that does not like: or ECS AGNUS but OCS, or SLOW RAM but only 512KB CHIP RAM, or KS1.3 but KS1.2!

So it would be nice to have also options in a500 driver: AGNUS version OCS/ECS, 512KB or 1MB CHIP RAM, disable/enable 512K SLOW RAM! (as KS version is already possible to choose)
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Affected Sets / Systems a500, a500p, a600
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