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07147 Gameplay Major Always Nov 7, 2018, 20:31 Nov 8, 2018, 00:42
Tester ArcadeDude View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Confirmed Driver gba.cpp
Version 0.203 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Summary MESS-specific 07147: gba (zeldamcpu): Transitions from one screen to the next causes 15 - 20 second delay in-game (FPS toggle shows no skipped frames)
Description Transitioning from one screen to the next causes a 15 - 20 second delays in-game. Seems to be tied to when there is a change in the soundtrack. No issues at start of game load. No issues entering your name and saving file. No issues after short Zelda Minish Cap intro video.

Then the issues begin. As soon as the intro video is completed is when the 15 - 20 second delays begin. During the delay, the screen stays black and the FPS shows no frame loss, running at 100%. After delay everything is normal until the next transition (going into Links house or to Hyrule Castle etc.), where the screen stays white for 15 - 20 seconds again and after the delay the game continues as normal until the next transition etc.

Identical transition delay behavior noted in both Euro and Japan versions - gba (zeldamcp) and gba (zeldamcpj)
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Regression Version 0.193
Affected Sets / Systems gba (zeldamcpu)
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Nov 8, 2018, 00:42
One of a couple possibilities in daily testing:

commit 258760a6feceb3416e9ec1bcf89be1a40cb9890b
Author: arbee <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 22:58:16 2017 -0500

    gba: add various mirrors and fix byte-wide VRAM/PRAM/OAM access. [R. Belmont]



commit 1c4ea151e63380012081bb3899195204749c3bf4
Author: arbee <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 22:56:24 2017 -0500

    arm7: LDMIA/STMIA always align to a 32-bit boundry [endrift, R. Belmont]