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07239 Graphics Major Have not tried Feb 18, 2019, 19:11 Feb 18, 2019, 20:23
Tester Sterophonick View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Invalid report OS
Status [?] Closed Driver cdi.cpp
Version 0.206 Fixed in Version Build
Summary MESS-specific 07239: cdimono1 [linkfoe]: Credits in Link - The Faces of Evil appears corrupted
Description When viewing the credits of Link - The Faces of Evil, the graphics start to corrupt, shift left and right, and just look bad.
Steps To Reproduce 1. Boot up cdimono1 and linkfoe
2. At the screen with the map of the faces, exit the game to view the credits.
3. You should be seeing them corrupted.
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Regression Version
Affected Sets / Systems cdimono1 [linkfoe]
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Feb 18, 2019, 20:22
edited on: Feb 18, 2019, 20:23
Graphic and Sound issues are known for this machine, you should be getting a Yellow warning screen mentioning this when you start up.
Per established guidelines for this website (Help pulldown menu on the right top of browser, Rules and Guidelines) - - Item #10:
We don't accept reports for games with specific flags. When you start MAME, if there is a problem with a particular set, you will be given a screen which lists the problems out that you must type "OK" to (now it is just a keypress). Based on the message(s), posting a new bug is not desired.

    "THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY" - Do not submit ANY bugs except heavy regression.

    "THE SOUND EMULATION IS NOT 100% ACCURATE" - Do not submit sound bugs except heavy regression.
    "THE VIDEO EMULATION IS NOT 100% ACCURATE" - Do not submit video bugs except heavy regression.

    "THIS GAME LACKS SOUND" - Do not submit sound bugs.

So, unless is a heavy regression from previous presenation (used to work fine), bugs are not wanted for that particular machine and are likely already very obvious and known.