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00744 Speed Major Always Feb 4, 2008, 02:40 Feb 7, 2008, 07:11
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Version 0.55 Fixed in Version 0.115u3 Build
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Summary 00744: quantum, quantum1: MAME slower than original PCB.
Description Not entirely sure what causes this, but I verified that MAME emulates Quantum (both revisions) a bit slow as compared to the original PCB. (I played two separate Quantum machines this weekend at California Extreme.) It seems to be a difference of about 10-20% - the place I notice the difference the most is in the death sequence:
* Hit an object: Buzz + "Charging Up" sound
* All objects scale in with the collision point as center
* Dots scale out from center point + 2 explosion sounds, one after the other.
The amount of time between each of these points is between 10% and 20% shorter on the original PCB as opposed to the emulator. MAME doesn't indicate any performance problems and shoots up past 500% when I hit F10, so I know that it is not a MAME performance issue. My guess as to this issue is that there's a small timing inaccuracy in the emulator core.
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