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07612 Crash/Freeze Critical (emulation) Always Apr 13, 2020, 14:32 Apr 24, 2020, 21:35
Tester John_Nada View Status Public Platform SDLMAME
Assigned To Resolution Open OS MacOS X
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver
Version 0.220 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 07612: uccopsaru: [possible] Game seems to be stuck at the very end of stage 4
Description The game worked perfectly for me till the end of stage 4. But after killing the final boss, the game doesn't move to the next stage as it should. My character (or characters in 2P) can still move on the screen, but the time counter and everything else seems frozen. No music (cause the stage is over), but the sound FX still works when I punch or kick. I tried again with uccops and had no problem. With this new clone, uccopsaru, I made a save state just when stage 4's final boss appears. I tried several times and always have the same problem, stage 5 just won't load. One thing I didn't try yet: starting the game from the very beginning (instead of loading my save state), to check if it happens again.
Edit: I attach 2 save states. The one named "t" is when the boss of stage 4 appears. The one named "f" is just when that boss get killed and starts running on fire before turning into a skeleton. That's when the game freezes.
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Affected Sets / Systems uccopsaru
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zip file icon 2 (31,348 bytes) Apr 13, 2020, 19:55 Uploaded by John_Nada
2 save states
mp4 file icon uccopsaru_stage_4_bug.mp4 (3,391,187 bytes) Apr 17, 2020, 10:08 Uploaded by John_Nada
Video showing the bug
? file icon gameplay001.inp (128,697 bytes) Apr 24, 2020, 21:35 Uploaded by John_Nada
Other bug - Freeze at stage 1 Boss
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Apr 17, 2020, 06:24
I tried loading the state files with uccopsaru, but failed with an error saying "due to an invalid header".
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Apr 18, 2020, 13:26
OK, so I was able to reproduce the bug by loading a previous state file, starting at the very beginning of Stage 4. I just wanted to be sure, and again it did freeze exactly the same way, right after killing the boss.
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Senior Tester
Apr 18, 2020, 14:11
edited on: Apr 18, 2020, 14:12
Not happening for me

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Senior Tester
Apr 19, 2020, 08:55
John_Nada, Have you played the whole game more times without using savestates?
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Apr 19, 2020, 11:58
No I didn't yet, I guess it's the next thing to do indeed. I'll try again starting from the very beginning, without using any savestates, and let you guys know what comes out of it.
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Apr 19, 2020, 12:06
Better yet, if you can record an .inp while playing, that would help developers out a lot if indeed it hangs..
> mame uccopsaru -record gameplay.inp
Use the -playback (filename) to play it back
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Apr 24, 2020, 21:33
edited on: Apr 24, 2020, 22:16
OK, so I just started anew, without hitting any save/load key. And this time... I got stuck at the end of stage 1. There is a bug I didn't encountered yet, where I get stuck in the arms of the boss. He doesn't kill me and I can't move either. I waited till the end of the time countdown (without using the fast forward function, in case it would mess with the .inp), and when it arrived at zero, it just started again at 60, so I had to exit the game. I have no idea if this kind of bug also appeared on the original PCB. As suggested, I recorded an .inp file (see attached file above). I'm going to start all over again and let you know...

EDIT: I started again, arrived at the end of stage 4, killed the boss and... no bug this time, I smoothly moved to the 5th, final stage. I recorded an .inp if needed, but I imagine it's not worth uploading it since there is no bug this time... So, was the bug random (like the one encountered at the end of stage 1), or could it be due to saving & loading state files?? I have no idea but since it's not reproductible, it's not worth digging I guess.