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07686 Documentation Minor Always 31 days ago 22 days ago
Tester ArcadeShadow View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To ArcadeShadow Resolution Fixed OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved Driver sms.cpp
Version 0.221 Fixed in Version 0.222 Build 64-bit
Summary MESS-specific 07686: gamegear [shinobi2]: Incomplete title name
Description The complete name of the game should be:
The GG Shinobi II: The Silent Fury (World)
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Affected Sets / Systems gamegear [shinobi2]
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png file icon BoxCover - TitleScreen.png (135,582 bytes) 31 days ago Uploaded by ArcadeShadow
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26 days ago
Sure, but I'll put "-"(dash) instead of ":" to be consistent with the rest of gamegear.xml

MAME should ideally decide on "sub-title" style it uses, : or - and do the same style everywhere, unless the game title specifically has it.
I have no preference, but if I google around, I see for example Wikipedia using ":" style.

random examples:
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22 days ago
I believe the only reason a dash is used instead of a colon in most of the soft lists is partly due to some of the titles being copied straight from filenames; since Windows cannot use the : character in a filename, a dash was used as a separator. "Title: Subtitle" is much more common than "Title - Subtitle" when not counting filenames.