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07707 Documentation Minor Always Jul 17, 2020, 21:49 Jul 17, 2020, 22:30
Tester Steve Coomber View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution No change required OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
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Version 0.222 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
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Summary 07707: centiped: Centipede Revision 4 is limited to 1 player only
Description Centipede Revision 4 is limited to 1 player only mode where Centipede Revisions 1, 2, 3 and bootlegs have 2 player modes. It doesn't make any sense that Revision 4 which is a 1 player only mode is considered to be the original where as the clones are proper 2 player modes. Even the latest history.dat makes reference to Centipede being a 2 player game. If revision 4 of Centipede is the latest version and should remain as the original version then it is recommended that the documentation is updated to clarify the difference between the 1 player (original) and 2 player (clones) versions.
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Jul 17, 2020, 22:30
According to research from documentation as well as hands-on code examinations, this IS the LATEST revision Atari produced for Centipede. General MAME addition guidelines indicate that the latest available English version of any given machine is afforded the parent status. In this case, the parent was changed in MAME 0.155 and used to be known as the centtime with the description "Centipede (1 player, timed)". Then at that time, the former parent "Centipede (revision 3)" was given the shortname "centiped3". If you want two player, you can use this, or other machines, listed as clones.
DIP switches control the length of play which was used for tournaments and the like back in the day.

As far as history.dat or the site the data comes from: , is not the end all be all of information. Most all information is likely taken from MAME as various times and it is not MAME's responsibility to update external sites and .dat files when changes are made within MAME.

There is no bug here to fix in MAME. Sorry..