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07711 Media Support Major Always 21 days ago 4 days ago
Tester ArcadeShadow View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver ct486.cpp
Version 0.222 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Summary MESS-specific 07711: ct486: Read 5.25" HD Floppy Disk in a 3.5" HD Floppy drive
Description I have configured a 3.5"HD floppy drive on the [ct486] PC/AT 486 with CS4031 chipset (the bug also happens on another ibm5170's PC).
And I can insert and read and 5.25" HD Floppy Disk on the 3.5" HD Floppy drive. It should not be possible.
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Affected Sets / Systems ct486
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png file icon Image.png (96,190 bytes) 21 days ago Uploaded by ArcadeShadow
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21 days ago
Which image is this?
Is it happening with just one image or all images?
Can you give command-line examples to duplicate your observed behaviors?
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20 days ago
It happens with any 5.25"HD floppy images.
For example, take the "Dune (5.25)" [dune525] in the ibm5170 SoftwareList.
Configure the A: floppy drive for a 3.5"HD floppy.
Now you can insert the 5.25" disk image on the A: drive (at this point it should gave an error).
Then you can access the disk with the command prompt "A:", you can make "DIR" command to list the disk files, and "CHKDSK" to analise the disk.
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20 days ago
edited on: 20 days ago
For the CT486 machine you are using, is the internal BIOS selected to use the proper drive?
Setting a device through MAME is only a layer of configuration as the BIOS that runs on the machine, I think, has the final say how that device is used.
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20 days ago
Yes I have the BIOS sets with the correct drive.
If you see the middle screenshot, you can see that the A: drive is a 3.5" HD floppy drive.