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07759 Sound Minor Always Sep 25, 2020, 21:29 Jul 4, 2021, 20:57
Tester rodneylives View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver
Version 0.224 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 07759: rampart, rampart2p, rampartj: Digitized sounds are heavily favored over synth
Description In the arcade Rampart's digitized sounds (drums mostly) are loud but not overwhelming, whereas in MAME they heavily drown out the rest of the music. It is difficult to put numbers to this, but one could go by the SNES port for a better sense of how the sound should be.
Steps To Reproduce Just play the game. Anyone with experience with the arcade version will notice it immediately.
Additional Information This has always been true of MAME's rampart drivers.
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Affected Sets / Systems rampart, rampart2p, rampartj
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Sep 25, 2020, 21:39
edited on: Sep 25, 2020, 21:39
A good example of what I'm talking about is the ending music, audible (sort of) at the end of the playthrough video here:
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Sep 25, 2020, 23:35
edited on: Sep 25, 2020, 23:36

Sound Balance/Proportion
Except for heavy regression, a report for sound balance/proportion between multiple sound devices always needs the original references to determine the correct value of each volume. Direct sound recording of the PCB is the most appropriate. We will accept arcade soundtrack but please keep it in mind that they usually have delay effected/echoed/remixed and don't always represent the real sound balance correctly.

Without original recordings from authentic PCB outputs, we don't usually consider such reports as bugs. A console port cannot be used as a guide here. Do you have a confirmed recording from the arcade game that can be used for reference? I'd also suggest you check out the upcoming release from (0.225). A lot of work was done with audio streams to better handle multiple streams from different sources.
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Sep 26, 2020, 12:45
edited on: Sep 26, 2020, 12:54
Use the "~" and arrow keys to turn down the OKI MSM6295 ADPCM chip and turn up the Yamaha YM2413 FM chip. You should be able to do this separately.
It is hard to get all the sound chips at the right default volume for every game which is why the volume mixer exists.
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Oct 6, 2020, 22:52
I'll acknowledge it for now until some source materials are found for comparisons
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Dec 2, 2020, 09:15
Aah? This is good information, thanks! What should I do then? Should this just be closed? Maybe changed to Minor priority? I don't have access to a physical Rampart machine so I cannot provide reference that way, but I do own a copy of Midway Arcade Treasures for Gamecube, which includes Rampart as a game. Would it be helpful if I recorded gameplay from that? It's kind of a copy of a copy though.
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Dec 2, 2020, 09:17
MAT's version of Rampart is emulation, not a port, but I could understand if it was the same problem. If I have to be the one to close this I can, otherwise I wouldn't be opposed to someone else doing it until such time I can find a Rampart machine in the wild (which is very unlikely for me).
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Jul 4, 2021, 20:57
PCB footage, you can clearly hear the FM synth over the drums in the video.