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07763 DIP/Input Minor Always Oct 3, 2020, 11:25 Oct 10, 2020, 14:30
Tester brainskis View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution No change required OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Closed Driver
Version 0.225 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 07763: 'Constant drift' when trackball analog assigned to gamepad analog stick
Description Applies to all trackball games I've tested: Marble Madness, Golden Tee Fore version, Birdie King, and others. Happens in at least the last 3 major versions of MAME.

Reproduce: Assign Mame Trackball analog X and Y to gamepad Left analog stick X and Y respectively.

Please see attached image. The Track X and Track Y sliders always decrement even when the stick is not being touched. (This effect is more noticable when sensitivity value is high).

I have 2 XBox One gamepads and 2 DS4 Gamepads, and the gradual X & Y decrement happens on all 4 controllers. I am certain this is not a deazone / hardware drift issue.
Steps To Reproduce - Assign Mame Trackball analog X and Y to gamepad Left analog stick X and Y respectively.
- See the MAME analog control settings screen and watch X and Y sliders decrement even when analog stick is not being touched.
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png file icon trackball.png (532,988 bytes) Oct 3, 2020, 11:25 Uploaded by brainskis
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Oct 6, 2020, 22:15
I don't have a controller to duplicate your issue. Hopefully someone else may be able to help.
Can you test the controller(s) through Control Panel in Windows an see if the same type of drifting is happening?
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Oct 7, 2020, 11:49
It works fine for me, Xbone pad.

mame.ini: joystick_deadzone 0.1
If i set this to a much lower value, eg, 0.01, then I get the drift you describe. It's a problem with most analog controls, they wear down. I can see it on Windows's control panel too that the crosshair is not in the exact center.
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Oct 9, 2020, 10:46
Thanks guys. I will double check this. I don't recall if I adjusted joystick_deadzone!
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Oct 10, 2020, 11:31
hap, Tafoid - I can confirm this happened because joystick_deadzone was set to an extremely low value. I am kicking myself for not being more thorough in my testing. I thank you both very much. Please by all means mark this ticket as resolved, and add a 'the tester was a muppet' flag, or whatever fits XD