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07778 Crash/Freeze Major Always 26 days ago 5 days ago
Tester chaneman View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Haze Resolution Fixed OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved Driver vicdual.cpp
Version 0.226 Fixed in Version 0.227GIT Build 64-bit
Summary 07778: carnivalh, carnivalha: Game crashes after clearing first round.
Description After clearing the first screen by shooting all the targets the "Bear Bonus Round" is corrupted, constantly sending out unlimited bears at different heights on the screen. Unable to continue to the next levels. Also noted that if a single duck makes it to the bottom of the screen and eats bullets then the game is over no matter how many bullets are left.
Only these two sets affected, the others play correct.
Steps To Reproduce Load and play the game.
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Affected Sets / Systems carnivalh, carnivalha
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26 days ago
I can't tell if it is protection issues or bad romsets. Seems very odd and tested back to when they were playable (0.147u1) and the behave the same.
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Senior Tester
6 days ago
edited on: 6 days ago
much like Tranquillizer Gun there appear to be 2 missed protection checks

2895: 4F ld c,a
2896: 3E 24 ld a,$24
2898: 32 D4 E3 ld ($E3D4),a
289B: 7E ld a,(hl) -- protection?
289C: E6 07 and $07
289E: FE 02 cp $02
28A0: 20 18 jr nz,$28BA
28A2: 3E 66 ld a,$66
28A4: 32 D4 E3 ld ($E3D4),a
28A7: 7E ld a,(hl)
28A8: E6 07 and $07
28AA: FE 07 cp $07
28AC: 20 0C jr nz,$28BA
28AE: 3E 48 ld a,$48
28B0: 32 D4 E3 ld ($E3D4),a
28B3: 7E ld a,(hl)
28B4: E6 07 and $07
28B6: FE 03 cp $03
28B8: 28 02 jr z,$28BC

26AF: 3E 24 ld a,$24
26B1: 32 6B E7 ld ($E76B),a
26B4: 7E ld a,(hl) -- protection read
26B5: E6 07 and $07
26B7: FE 02 cp $02
26B9: C2 4A 25 jp nz,$254A
26BC: 3E 66 ld a,$66
26BE: 32 6D E7 ld ($E76D),a
26C1: 7E ld a,(hl)
26C2: E6 07 and $07
26C4: FE 07 cp $07
26C6: C2 4A 25 jp nz,$254A
26C9: 3E 48 ld a,$48
26CB: 32 6F E7 ld ($E76F),a
26CE: 7E ld a,(hl)
26CF: E6 07 and $07
26D1: FE 03 cp $03
26D3: C2 4A 25 jp nz,$254A