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07967 Sound Minor Always May 4, 2021, 14:55 May 11, 2021, 22:13
Tester ICEknight View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver megadriv.cpp
Version 0.231 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary MESS-specific 07967: genesis and clones [oozeju]: Missing notes in intro music of The Ooze
Description At some point during the intro, the main melody misses playing two simultaneous notes.

Real hardware footage from a Genesis Nomad:

Also tested on a Japanese Mega Drive and the music plays properly as well.
Steps To Reproduce Just load the game with:

mame.exe genesis -cart megadriv:oozeju:cart

and wait for 40 seconds.
Additional Information The missing notes in the intro is not a regression due to the recent YM changes, seems to have been happening for a while (always?).

However, the same music track seems to only randomly fail when played on the game's Sound Test (example savestates of both failure and success attached).
Github Commit
Flags Verified with Original
Regression Version
Affected Sets / Systems genesis and clones [oozeju]
Attached Files
zip file icon genesis_tmss (83,080 bytes) May 8, 2021, 19:28 Uploaded by ICEknight
Savestates in Sound Test
zip file icon genesis_tmss oozeju (40,913 bytes) May 9, 2021, 17:14 Uploaded by ICEknight
Savestate in Sound Test (playing correctly in 0.218)
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May 4, 2021, 16:55
Footage from Japanese Mega Drive (model 1) where you can also hear the intended sounds playing:
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Senior Tester
May 4, 2021, 22:52
is this a new bug, or an old one that could be attributed to the less than perfect Genesis emulation?
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May 8, 2021, 19:29
The problem seems to happen in the sound test too, albeit randomly.

I've uploaded two savestates, one in which the music plays normally and one where it has problems playing that part.
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Senior Tester
May 9, 2021, 16:24
again, is this a new bug, or an old bug?
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May 9, 2021, 17:13
edited on: May 9, 2021, 17:36
As I mentioned in "Additional information", this has been happening for a while (0.218 won't play the notes correctly on the intro). However...

I've just noticed that I can't trigger the bug from the sound test in MAME 0.218, so that might actually be a regression (or perhaps the bug is just very random and difficult to pull)? I'm attaching a savestate for that version, where it plays correctly.
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Senior Tester
May 9, 2021, 19:16
Ah, I missed that update to the report.

Maybe it's a timing thing then. I'm not going to be touching the Megadrive emulation code again however, so until somebody else does it won't be looked at.