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07999 Media Support Minor Always Jun 4, 2021, 04:13 Sep 4, 2023, 05:02
Tester gspat View Status Public Platform MAME (Self-compiled)
Assigned To windyfairy Resolution Fixed OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.232 Fixed in Version 0.255 Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit 8f05076 Github Pull Request # #11195
Summary 07999: popn4, popn5 , popn6 , popn7 , popn8 , popnanm , popnanm2 , popnmt: CHDs are in the wrong format
Description The CHDs for the above listed affected games are compressed as HDDs rather than DVDs

As a result, running the game associated with it shows a "DVD ERROR" or "SPU RAM ERROR"

(Note - the exact error wording varies between games, but is essentially the same error, with the same fix)

Was tipped to this from this reddit post, which also includes the fix for it:

Essentially, the process to fix the CHDs is as follows:

- Backup the larger of the CHDs to a backup folder (should have "02" at the end of the filename)
- Use the command chdman extractraw -i <chdname>02.chd -o <chdname>02.iso (The CHD with the "02" at the end of the filename is always the DVD)
- Delete the CHD
- Use the command chdman createcd -i <chdname>02.iso -o <chdname>02.chd
- Delete the ISO file
- Go to the /diff folder in your MAME installation and delete the <chdname>02.diff file located there (If it exists)
- The game should now run properly from the CLI and actually get into the game, instead of being stuck at the DVD error screen. It will, however complain about the CRC/SHA1 being incorrect.
Steps To Reproduce Run the game

Observe the DVD error shown on the startup/initialization screen. The game will sit here with a counter in the corner

Perform the steps outlined above

Game will now run properly
Additional Information Reporting this because I fear the next CHD update will replace/overwrite the CHDs in question. The conversion is annoying - too time consuming to repeat each update.

I attempted to create a mega account to upload the converted working CHDs to, but uploading to Mega sucks (many GBs to upload, but only allowing upload of ~50KB/sec).

Using mame-master build of 233


These are the SHA1s of the old/new CHDs:

gq986jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(53367d3d5f91422fe386c42716492a0ae4332390)
       FOUND: SHA1(d635ae846cfc3cf74e0cc82b57576f651799332e)

a04jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(49a017dde76f84829f6e99a678524c40665c3bfd)
       FOUND: SHA1(4fb8ee8669a9b9d7d627e676fb982c032477ecf3)

gqa16jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(e39067300e9440ff19cb98c1abc234fa3d5b26d1)
       FOUND: SHA1(930af52a69230c9d9aed0c11f98e76b19b20e821)

b00jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(c8ce2f8ee6aeeedef9c110a59e68fcec7b669ad6)
       FOUND: SHA1(9ebf0b54b011c6645f88320fb54cde072e5ebb40)

gqb30jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(f067d502c23efe0267aada5706f5bc7a54605942)
       FOUND: SHA1(02001e75e628345b0dabefcba503bddf3d9534a8)

gq987jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(d72515bac3fcd9f28c39fa1402292009734df678)
       FOUND: SHA1(c7e370465dd2d06ee77df8ad0a7249271b9e0484)

gea02jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(7212e399779f37a5dcb8317a8f635a3b3f620aa9)
       FOUND: SHA1(1980b23a0db6e21f04f98a46913e9988afd70b54)

976jaa02.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:
    EXPECTED: SHA1(3881bb1e4deb829ba272c541cb7d203924571f3b)
       FOUND: SHA1(a3e95d0c32b1e8d759666744ce93c923ac9010b1)
Github Commit
Regression Version
Affected Sets / Systems popn4, popn5 ,popn6 ,popn7 ,popn8 ,popnanm ,popnanm2 ,popnmt
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Jun 4, 2021, 04:21
edited on: Jun 5, 2021, 03:22

Added SHA1s for updated files.


Here is a Mega link:

Be aware, Some of these files uploaded at an extremely low bitrate, they may or may not work properly?

My personal experience with low bitrate transfers hasn't really been pleasant.


Modified djmain.cpp to firebeat.cpp
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Jun 5, 2021, 00:47
This isn't an error. MAME doesn't properly support DVD CHDs yet and converting to CD CHDs loses some of the DVD information (you can check the data section SHA-1 of the CHDs, which would ideally be the same, but change if you convert from HDD CHDs to CD CHDs). The instructions you posted are just a hack that works due to the fact that I implemented the DVD drive code in the Firebeat driver using the CD-ROM code until a proper way for handling DVDs is determined.

Also, this is firebeat.cpp, not djmain.cpp.
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Sep 4, 2023, 04:40
Forgot this issue existed. This can be closed, it was fixed back in May when OG implemented DVD support for CHDs I rebuilt all of the pop'n CHDs and are playable now without any hacky workarounds.