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08104 Gameplay Major Always 15 days ago 15 days ago
Tester spyhunter View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Invalid report OS Windows 10 (64-bit)
Status [?] Closed Driver mcr3.cpp
Version 0.236 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 08104: spyhunt: Spy Hunter default controls are awful
Description Have always been awful, I have detailed an easy change to a couple of settings to make the game playable:

1) Simply configure UP on the analog stick of your controller for the Pedal Analog which changes it to LSY (Y-axis). The steering is already set as LSX (X-axis). In earlier MAME releases you could use the Z-axis of the triggers as gas/brake... now up and down stick work best as gas/brake
2) Set the Pedal Analog INC and DEC to NONE
3) In the Analog Controls - Turn the Pedal 1 Reverse to ON
4) WHALA, the car purrs along on medium throttle (don't ask me why), and the up and down of the analog stick does a very good job of controlling the speed of the car

I will upload 2 screen shots of the above ideal default settings. This game deserves so much more respect than it gets through MAME. Sound effects are still dreadful compared to the arcade cabinet after all these years.
Steps To Reproduce Just play the game.
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15 days ago
Not a bug, more like an advice report for joypad users?

There's nothing wrong with the default controls.

Gas pedal is on IPT_PEDAL
Steering wheel is on IPT_PADDLE

and the buttons:
PORT_BIT( 0x01, IP_ACTIVE_LOW, IPT_BUTTON4 ) PORT_NAME("Left Button / Oil Slick")
PORT_BIT( 0x02, IP_ACTIVE_LOW, IPT_BUTTON3 ) PORT_NAME("Left Trigger / Missiles")
PORT_BIT( 0x04, IP_ACTIVE_LOW, IPT_START1 ) PORT_NAME("Center Button / Weapons Van")
PORT_BIT( 0x08, IP_ACTIVE_LOW, IPT_BUTTON5 ) PORT_NAME("Right Button / Smoke Screen")
PORT_BIT( 0x10, IP_ACTIVE_LOW, IPT_BUTTON6 ) PORT_NAME("Right Trigger / Machine Guns")

(IPT_BUTTON1 is skipped since default keyboard input would conflict with IPT_PEDAL)
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Senior Tester
15 days ago
yeah, this isn't a bug report.