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08284 DIP/Input Minor Always Apr 3, 2022, 21:34 Apr 15, 2022, 18:37
Tester chaneman View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Steve Coomber Resolution Fixed OS Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
Status [?] Resolved Driver
Version 0.242 Fixed in Version 0.243 Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit bc88265 Github Pull Request # #9527
Summary 08284: wink, winka: Unknown DIPS For Coinage, Credit Award, Audits Clear
Description This game is very playable. Make sure you assign Button 1 and Button 2 as controls, they are Curve Left and Curve Right, (could be labeled into the "Input (this machine)" if approved. Bottom right of the screen after selecting a P1 or P2 game says "Push curve button to start". You can influence the angle of the ball at all times during the game by pressing these. This is most necessary as sometimes the ball will get stuck and you are able to free it by repeatedly pressing Button 1 or Button 2.

Turn on "Summary" DIP to observe changes.

Picture 1:
The six ON DIPS under "1" at the top are "Coinage".
They affect coin switch 1 and 2 only. Many combinations
here so I didn't want to fill up this report with to
many pictures.

Picture 2:
Highlighted DIPS are for "Credit Payout % ?"
It affects the "Total Credits Won"
These two DIP switches in different combinations will
change the TCW value from 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20%

Picture 3:
Very Last at bottom Highlighted DIP is "Clear Audits".
Turning this DIP ON then OFF will clear all game stats
and coinage displayed on the summary screen back to zero.

Picture 4:
Turn OFF "Summary" DIP for the following observation.
Highlighted DIP in picture 4 is for "1 Credit Award":
OFF = Yes
ON = No
During game play if you bounce "Red Lips" on your paddle they
are collected and shown in a mini slot machine screen layout
at the bottom of the screen. When the slots are filled you
spin the slot machine for a bonus of ten's of thousands of points,
extra balls or a wink. When This DIP is OFF it adds a "1 Credit"
as an available award to the slot machine.
Coin up the game with this DIP OFF to see "1 Credit" displayed
in the slot machine. Turn DIP ON and Reset game and you will see
"1 Credit" has been removed and "30,000" is shown instead.

Picture 5:
Two Highlighted DIPS are "Ball Save Barrier" I have added Red Arrows
pointing to them for clarification.
OFF = On

ON = Off

Picture 6:
Two Highlighted DIPS shown are for "Balls Per Game".
ON = 7

OFF = 5

ON = 3

OFF = 2

Picture 7:
Two Highlighted DIPS shown are for "Bonus Ball"
Change can be seen on screen after inserting a credit.
OFF = None

ON = 60K/120K/240K/480K

OFF = 80K/160K/320K/640K

ON = 100K/200K/400K/800K

Picture 8:
Two Highlighted DIPS shown are for "Timer Speed"
When the time starts counting down soon after ball
release, I watched the hundreds digit while counting
seconds in my head and aproximate when it ticks
down to the next hundred. These settings are based
on a time difference of almost 4 seconds for slow, and
2 seconds for super fast and then the Normal and Fast
are in between those times.
Not scientific but it worked for me.

ON = Slow

ON = Normal

OFF = Fast

OFF = Super Fast
Steps To Reproduce Load and run game.
Follow instructions above.
Repeat for all DIPS shown.
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Affected Sets / Systems wink, winka
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Steve Coomber
Apr 4, 2022, 10:52
Thanks again for another great spot. I will take a look at this one over the next few days
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Steve Coomber
Apr 7, 2022, 07:39
I have just submitted a fix for this issue. This fix was one of the more tricky ones!
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Apr 7, 2022, 21:23
edited on: Apr 9, 2022, 05:35
Added "Bonus Ball" and "Timer Speed" DIP pictures.

The DIP directly above "Service Mode" is for "Demo Sounds"
It plays sounds during the displaying of the Title Screen and
if Lips are bounced off the paddle during demo.
ON = On
OFF = Off
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Steve Coomber
Apr 15, 2022, 18:37
Hi chaneman. I have put in a further fix for your new findings :-)