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08399 Interface Trivial Always Aug 18, 2022, 22:59 Sep 18, 2022, 00:32
Tester Hirudov View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Open OS
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Version 0.246 Fixed in Version Build
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Summary 08399: Exiting started MAME without machine option overwrites recorded input and movies.
Description I am not sure if this is expected behavior, but I've lost some good hours of footage, until I found out that starting MAME without machine option, then selecting machine and software, do some recording and exiting, returns you to the default machine menu, but it overwrites the recorded footage and input.
Steps To Reproduce start MAME with options to record for example AVI and INP

> MAME -aviwrite Test.avi -rec Test.inp

Select any machine (and software). Do something in the machine. Press Escape.

MAME returns you to the main menu, but it overwrites the already recorded input and video.

Press Escape again to exit MAME. There are only blank movie and input files.
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Aug 22, 2022, 23:31
Not certain either if this is correct and intended behavior or not at this point.
All usage cases I've ever done required a command-line launch to set record anything (avi, mng, wav or even inp)
The UI doesn't have any incorporation of these functions yet AFAIK. Perhaps this is more of a feature request?
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Sep 2, 2022, 13:09
The thing is, MAME is always running a system except when it’s displaying those info and warning screens on start. When the system selection menu is displayed, it’s running a system with no devices with a menu you can’t dismiss drawn over the top. Using the record/playback options that way seems a bit weird to be honest as the file would get overwritten every time you launch a system anyway.
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Sep 9, 2022, 21:37
So, this is something we don't see a solution for or leaving it to the command-line solutions to launch directly in such cases?
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Sep 10, 2022, 12:54
A simple check if the file already exists and if it does, to add something like ".1" to the name would solve this issue. Also it will prevent people from overwriting recorded inputs/videos/wavs, who by mistake repeated the last command line.

As I person who overwrote many hour long .inp files, I know the pain of losing a file just like that.
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Sep 18, 2022, 00:32
Mangling the name like that would be a problem for people using scripts for testing where you need the output to have the specified name.