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08549 Gameplay Major Random Jan 12, 2023, 14:26 Jan 27, 2023, 19:26
Tester cuavas View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver
Version 0.251 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 08549: dinodino: Game often gets into bad states with clean NVRAM
Description Often, dinodino seems to boot to a state where the error lamp (red lamp at bottom right on internal artwork) is blinking and the game won’t coin up. However, sometimes it starts in a playable state.

When it starts in the error state, you can often get it into a playable state by restoring factory settings:
* Hold F2 and tap F3 to get to the Main Menu
* Press Start (1) to choose Setting
* Hold Start (1) and press Odds (C) to restore factory settings
* Press Auto (Z) twice to exit service mode

I’ve also seen it get into a state where you can’t exit service mode (pressing Auto at the Main Menu has no effect).

Given the randomness, it could just be a case of uninitialised variables.
Steps To Reproduce * Remove nvram/dinodino folder
* Run "mame dinodino"
* If the error lamp doesn’t blink when the game boots, exit and try again
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Affected Sets / Systems dinodino
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Senior Tester
Jan 13, 2023, 04:17
edited on: Jan 13, 2023, 04:20
You say there's a red error light on the left? For me it's on the right, with default artwork ("Button Lamps"). The light on the left is yellow and says WIN.

I take it the correct operation is (1) delete nvram (2) start game, red error flashes (3) Hit F3 (4) Error light turns off and game is playable.

I tried many times to get something else to happen and was unable to.

Maybe someone else might have more luck.
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Jan 13, 2023, 13:38
I meant right, no idea how I got out backwards. Fixing description.

I'd expect it to work properly on first boot, which it does very rarely.
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Jan 27, 2023, 15:20
I didn't notice any specific malfunction with a freshly deleted nvram and start and a few plays and reboots.
Acknowledged for now until more is discovered.
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Jan 27, 2023, 19:26
edited on: Jan 27, 2023, 19:27
Delete nvram once, and then you can use -nonvram_save
I tried dozens of times, and made sure to not accidentally press an input used in the driver at the MNW screen.
I can't repro it, and I didn't find uninitialized vars in the driver or devices it uses (did not check m68000 device)