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08674 DIP/Input Minor Always Jun 19, 2023, 22:54 Jun 21, 2023, 23:26
Tester Balthier View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
Status [?] Confirmed Driver
Version 0.255 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 08674: harddriv and clones: Coin inputs for 5 and 6 keys load the wrong counters, but Service Mode input test shows they are mapped correctly.
Description Pressing 5 loads coins to Coin B, 6 loads coins to Coin A. In the service menu, the control input test shows that 5 is mapped to the Left Coin (A) and 6 to Right Coin (B). Some kind of wires crossed here when not in the service menu since they get reversed. The 7 key for Aux Coin is okay.
Steps To Reproduce 1. run the game.
2. load 1 coin with the 5 key, and load 3 coins with the 6 key.
3. TAB to bookkeeping info in the UI and view it. Coin A will show 3 and Coin B shows 1, the opposite of what it should be.
4. Press F2, then hold 1 to skip the self test. Press 1 on OPERATOR SCREENS.
5. Press 1 until you reach STATISTICS. Coins should show Left Coins : 3 and Right Coins : 1, corresponding to A and B above.
6. Press 1 until back at the main menu, now press 6 twice, then 1 to enter CONTROL INPUTS.
7. press 5, 6, or 7 here to verify the inputs. 5 lights LCOIN, 6 lights RCOIN, 7 lights AUXCOIN. This is correct here.
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Affected Sets / Systems harddriv and clones
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Jun 21, 2023, 09:57
I swapped coin inputs here:
Coin settings and counters should be correct now. In test mode, it says to press left coin to move down, right coin to move up, that is correct now too. Maybe the coins being swapped in the input test is a BTANB?
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Jun 21, 2023, 17:58
The first screen after the self test does say that about the coin inputs, and it didn't occur to me that it was messed up because the way it is now (before you fixed it) seems correct for navigating.
But it looks like they goofed and swapped the descriptions for the coin buttons, because left goes up and decrements options, and right goes down and increments. That makes more sense to me considering how other service menus are.

Now I feel like maybe we are goofing something up here that someone else intentionally set up. I'll try digging through the huge manual later ( ), but this is good to note because I did want to test the other sets and stopped because this issue was a bit different to the other ones.
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Jun 21, 2023, 20:39
The manual says the same: left coin to move down, right coin to move up.
More importantly, see the coin settings (can be changed in Operator Screens menu), eg. change right coin to '1 coin counts as 4 coins'.
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Jun 21, 2023, 23:26
Yeah, the Right Coin is listed first and Left is second on the "Coin Options" screen.

Where is the "Coins to Continue" option on that screen? The manual talks about it and shows it, but this and its clones don't have it? It's on page 18 figure 2-5:
I set the coin setting to its green manufacturer setting and still nothing.

I also see that most if not all the games on this driver come with default settings that are white and not the recommended green settings in these different operator screens, but I'm guessing those are how they come or there was a reason for it.