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08732 DIP/Input Minor Always Jul 19, 2023, 01:44 Jul 20, 2023, 13:24
Tester Balthier View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
Status [?] Acknowledged Driver
Version 0.256 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 08732: bshark, bsharku, bsharkj: Analog Y axis is not aligned, 5 extra input buttons but game only has a single fire button
Description This one is more complicated than the joystick version. First, the Y axis is set up oddly in the UI, you can move much further down the screen in the Adjust Test than up, and the max ranges don't seem right, but the reticle is centered. Mame also has 5 extra button inputs but the service menu only shows one for FIRE. The other unknown buttons act similarly to the stick in that they affect the digits on the soundcode in the switch test menu, but they don't trigger any switches on in the menu. I'll list them and their functions below:

P1 Button 2 (ALT) - increments soundcode left digit the same as pressing down all the way on the stick.
P1 Button 3 (SPACEBAR) - decrements soundcode left digit the same as pressing up all the way.
P1 Button 4 (SHIFT) - increments soundcode right digit the same as pressing right all the way.
P1 Button 5 (Z) - decrements right digit the same as pressing left all the way.
P1 Button 6 (X) - acts like a 2nd FIRE button in the game but doesn't trigger any switches on. You can use it in place of CTRL in the service menus too (to skip through them).

Back to the analog controls being a little off, I looked through the manual and it shows the max ranges for H and V on page 7:
STICK H : 00 (BC-42)
STICK V : 00 (CO-3E)

BC is max right
42 is max left
C0 is max top
3E is max bottom

The max values set in mame actually push the X outside the box in the adjust menu (see second image below). The aiming reticle in game also sticks at the edges of the screen after letting go for a while on the keyboard, and don't auto-center until the white bars in the UI get to about halfway back.
Steps To Reproduce 1. Run any of the affected sets.
2. TAB to Analog Input Adjustments, and you can see the Y axis is off to the left a bit.
3. Now, press F2 then F3, then press CTRL to skip the color bars. You should be at the ADJUST TEST now.
4. Play around with the up/down and left/right controls. It also helps to turn off auto-centering speed (set to 0) and turn down the increment/decrement speed. Note the values for STICK and SET.
5. Press CTRL. You should be at TEST MODE now.
6. Play with the extra buttons (2-5) here, they will affect the SOUNDCODE digits. Pressing to the extreme in any direction with the stick does the same.
7. Press F2 then F3 again and start a game. Now press button 6 (X). It fires shots just like the FIRE button (CTRL).
8. Now to test the auto-centering, bring up the Analog Input Adjustments in the UI and press Tilde to keep them on the screen, then press in a direction until you get the aiming reticle to the screens edge and then let go. It should float there for a bit before coming back to center.
Additional Information First image (open in new tab it is skewed a bit) shows the analogs being off center in the UI and a comparison of the SET vs STICK values in the adjust test. I turned off autocentering and slowly moved the controls until they lined up with what the manual says they should be. The left shows the cursor is a little too low with the SET values and the right shows the cursor being a little off to the right with the same values on STICK.

The second image shows the max range for right and down goes a tiny bit more in the adjust menu than in the test menu (I highlighted them in red), and also that the X goes outside the checkered box.

I know there are adjustment dip switches for the variable resistors (marked variable "registers" in the UI though), but those don't seem to help at all. They just offset the cursor which is already centered fine in the adjust test.

EDIT: Before I forget, is the X axis supposed to be reversed by default in the UI serttings? I ask because the joystick version is flipped that way due to a bug and this seems odd. I usually see a reversed Y on flight sims and similar.
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Affected Sets / Systems bshark, bsharku, bsharkj
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