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08817 Graphics Minor Always Feb 8, 2024, 07:57 12 days ago
Tester jwillicvh View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
Status [?] Driver
Version 0.262 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Fixed in Git Commit Github Pull Request #
Summary 08817: gunlock, gunlocko, rayforce, rayforcej: The scrolling of the background at the beginning of Area 1's framerate is off when moving the ship.
Description In the beginning of Area 1 notice that the framerate on the background is scrolling smoothly when not moving the player ship. But once you move the player ship you'll notice that the scrolling on the background gets choppy, and doesn't match up with everything else in the level. It looks like it corrects itself once you get past the part at the beginning with the stars, and it scrolls smoothly like it was meant to. This issue also pops up again in Area 2 (level 2) when the stars come back in the beginning of the level, and goes away once you leave the section with the stars.
Steps To Reproduce When the game begins move the player ship from left or right and pay attention to the framerate of the background, and stars. Also do the same in Area 2 (level 2). It's more noticeable if you don't move the ship and look at the scrolling. Then move it either left or right, and you'll see the difference.
Additional Information Here's footage of the game running on original hardware (0:23 second mark of the video for Area 1 [Level 1], and 2:50 minute mark in Area 2 [Level 2]):


Here's footage I recorded on the latest version of Mame of the beginning of the first level (0:03 second mark of the video):


Here's footage I recorded in Area 2 where the issue pops up again once the stars reappear.

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Affected Sets / Systems gunlock, gunlocko, rayforce, rayforcej
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Senior Tester
Feb 9, 2024, 05:10
I didn't notice anything untoward when I played it.

Leaving here for comment from others.
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12 days ago
i couldn't reproduce this either, so i assumed it was user hardware low performance, but the submitter reported not seeing it when trying (a self-compiled) ... (which is confusing to us, the only thing that changed that might be relevant is sprite banking)