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00522 Color/Palette Minor Have not tried Jan 30, 2008, 12:01 Jan 5, 2019, 18:34
Tester Lord Caos View Status Public Platform
Assigned To Resolution Bugs That Aren't Bugs OS
Status [?] Resolved Driver megasys1.cpp
Version 0.36b16 Fixed in Version Build
Summary 00522: chimerab: [possible] At the end of the game and in a later level (the cave), there are a problem with the background color.
Description At the end of the game and in a later level (the cave), there are a problem with the background color. Part of the background color is grey while other is black.
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Additional Information Be sure to enable CHEAT to use the save state.
Flags Possible
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Affected Sets / Systems chimerab
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png file icon 0001.png (7,677 bytes) Jun 1, 2008, 00:09
zip file icon (194,415 bytes) Jun 1, 2008, 00:09
7z file icon chimerab_sta_0.169.7z (491,789 bytes) Jan 21, 2016, 14:52 Uploaded by M.A.S.H.
related to 07418Resolved ssf2: Few black tiles at the dark grey textfield. 
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Senior Tester
Jun 1, 2008, 00:29
this looks 'normal' enough to me. there are lots of games that use dark grey as black, expecting it to look the same on an arcade monitor. Capcom / Mitchell are the most common offenders, but it wouldn't surprise me if the same applied here.
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Senior Tester
Jan 21, 2016, 14:51
Same problem in MAME 0.169. Added save state for it.
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Senior Tester
Jan 3, 2019, 20:53
edited on: Jan 5, 2019, 03:04
No glitches (or at least not visible) in the arcade pcb
The ending is in 21:44. The moving earth animation covers some stars on its sides, where the grey squares are supposed to be:

This is how it looks in mame (21:05)
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Senior Tester
Jan 5, 2019, 02:28
I'm pretty sure you CAN see the grey squares in that video, although the encoding artifacts make it difficult to tell
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Jan 5, 2019, 13:58
I Agree with Haze, it's the same "problem" seen in other games, like Black Tiger or Haunted Castle. I can clearly see the black squares there in the pcb video.
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Senior Tester
Jan 5, 2019, 15:07
My sight is not that good, but I trust you both.