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07300 Color/Palette Minor Always 31 days ago 19 days ago
Tester robcfg View Status Public Platform MAME (Official Binary)
Assigned To Resolution Open OS MacOS X
Status [?] Confirmed Driver dragon.cpp
Version 0.209 Fixed in Version Build 64-bit
Summary MESS-specific 07300: dragon32, dragon64, dragon64h, dragon200, dragon200e: PAL Dragon machines show NTSC color artifacting
Description PAL Dragons high res display mode (256x192 black & white) is rendered with NTSC artifacts, instead of b&w patterns, you get also blue and orange color.

This does not happen on real machines or other emulators, like XRoar.
Steps To Reproduce Type the following program:

20 FOR I=0 to 3071:POKE 3072+I,85:NEXT I
30 FOR I=3072 to 6143:POKE 3072+I,170:NEXT I
40 GOTO 40

Please note that if you don't have the dos cartridge loaded, you have to change the "POKE 3072," instances to "POKE 1536,".

Also, see attached picture.
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Affected Sets / Systems dragon32, dragon64, dragon64h, dragon200, dragon200e
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jpg file icon MameDragon32NTSCArtifacting.jpg (42,777 bytes) 31 days ago Uploaded by robcfg
Test program on emulated dragon32 showing ntsc artifating.
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28 days ago
It seems that the artifacter function in mc6847.h only does ntsc artifacting.

As there are pal and ntsc dragons, a possible solution would be to make the artifacter detect the color system in use and apply the right one. The pal color artifacting needs to be implemented.

More information on the subject can be found here:
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19 days ago
I've implemented the pal color blend and the changes are in this pull request