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Feb 29, 2008, 08:29
If you do not have an account and wish to report a confirmed bug with MAME or MESS, please consider signing up. MAMEDEV Developers, MameTesters Moderators, and other users truly appreciate your efforts in assisting the projects!

Effective 3/13/2011, all new accounts which are created here will be subject to a evaluation period of usually no more than 72 hours. After being manually checked by administration, you will be granted "Tester" status and may leave notes and report bugs to the database. This is needed to thwart bots and other malicious users and we are sorry for the slight inconvenience this causes any new reporters. You also may choose discuss possible bugs (if waiting is too much of a chore). In both cases, be sure to use the forum search for keywords to make sure your question isn't already answered before.

* Places you can discuss bugs which are frequented by Developers:

- Using temporary email addresses is also discouraged. If detected, you will be unable to post.
- Use of Yahoo/Hotmail/Outlook/AOL addresses very often doesn't work and may trap auto-response from us as SPAM or very well may never reach you. Google Email works well as well as most ISP provided emails.
- Use of VPNs/Virtual IPs or other evasion will likely result in your account not being authorized to submit bugs.
- If all else fails and are still having issues with mametesters.org, there is an email you may use at the following link:
Use this email ONLY if you have attempted to create an account and were unsuccessful. In the message, validate your information (name, user name, IP connecting with) so we can assist you in using the site.
- Be sure to refer to the FAQ, Rules and Guidelines and Tutorial files which outlay what is expected of Testers:

Active Moderators/Admin:

Mantis bug tracking system:
Regarding the DIFFs against the original MANTIS 1.1.0, feel free to contact the email address detailed above. We thank you the Mantis team for the flexible and useful bug tracking system. Again, without your help MAME would not be the project it is today. Enjoy your stay!!!
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