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 0164510.106u6tnzs.cppDIP/InputTrivialClosedMay 21, 2008kageki, kagekia, kagekij: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 0163610.106u6kaneko16.cppDIP/InputTrivialClosedMay 21, 2008berlwall, berlwalt: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 0163810.106u6rastan.cppDIP/InputTrivialClosedMay 21, 2008rastan, rastanu, rastanu2, rastsag1, rastsaga: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 0163910.106u6superchs.cppDIP/InputTrivialClosedMay 21, 2008superchs: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 0163210.106u6asuka.cppDIP/InputTrivialClosedMay 21, 2008cadash, cadashf, cadashi, cadashj, cadashu: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 0163510.106u6groundfx.cppDIP/InputTrivialClosedMay 21, 2008groundfx: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 01671260.124u1InterfaceMinorResolved (aaron)May 21, 2008every set with PORT_MODIFY used for DIPs (e.g. arknoidj): the modified dipswitches are always listed at the bottom of the listetabeta
 0181430.125tail2nos.cppSoundMajorResolved (couriersud)May 20, 2008YM2608 games (tail2nos, sformula, wc90, mechatt): Only basic music, no more samplesgeoslake
 01497110.123u5namcona1.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedMay 19, 2008numanath, numanathj: Graphics corruption on title screen.Machone
 01781160.125uapce.cppDebuggerMinorResolvedMay 18, 2008blazlaz: [debug] Watchpoints on PCE based driver not working as expectedPugsy
 01813110.125u1vendetta.cppMisc.Critical (emulation)ResolvedMay 18, 2008vendetta and clones: Vendetta stuck at the rom ram check screen.maquette2
 0180640.125u1midyunit.cppGameplayMinorClosedMay 17, 2008smashtv4: Pcb bug not reproducible in mameKold666
 016641110.124u1galaxian.cppGraphicsMinorClosedMay 17, 2008All sets in galdrvr.c: Games now using wrong resolution - 224x768haynor666
 01807220.125u1undrfire.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedMay 16, 2008cbombers: missing graphics in attract modeetabeta
 0075020.77midwunit.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedMay 16, 2008rmpgwt: In-game, there's a line of pixels at the top that should be at the bottom of the screen.Sune_S
 018100.125u1dooyong.cppDIP/InputTrivialConfirmedMay 16, 2008flytiger: [possible] Service Mode problemsTafoid
 01803130.125u1InterfaceMinorClosedMay 16, 2008Possible issue with prescale option under Vista.Machone
 0037510.59arkanoid.cppSoundMinorResolvedMay 15, 2008arkanoid, arkatour: Music & Sounds in the sound test of the Service Mode plays at twice the speed/tempo of in the game.ZeroKnightRaiden
 0180520.125u1seattle.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)May 15, 2008sfrush: sfrush crashes on startup.Malice
 0179140.125asteroid.cppDIP/InputMajorResolvedMay 15, 2008asterock: Unable to credit up or play the game.Tafoid
 01783220.125namcona1.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedMay 15, 2008emeralda, emeraldaj, emeraldaja: Title ROZ layer state affects in-game background.Fujix
 01795220.125tmaster.cppMisc.MinorResolvedMay 15, 2008tm, tm3k, tm4k, tm5k, tm7k: Day on clock doesn't workLuigi30
 017170.122u5arcadecl.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (stephh)May 15, 2008arcadecl, sparkz: Service Key mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 017130.122u5spaceg.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (stephh)May 15, 2008spaceg: All joystick/buttons mapped twice. Button 1 is mapped 3 times!-Misc Reporters-
 0027730.105u4taito_f3.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedMay 12, 2008groundfx.c, gunbustr.c, superchs.c, taito_f3.c, undrfire.c, psikyosh.c: Cheat search causes fatal error.ShimaPong
 0179940.125midvunit.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedMay 12, 2008crusnusa: Manual gear problemScagazza
 01798150.125midvunit.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedMay 12, 2008crusnwld: Graphic and input problemScagazza
 0176630.122u4lastduel.cppGraphicsMinorClosedMay 12, 2008ledstrm2: Some gfx is corruptedKold666
 0178430.125namcos12.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedMay 12, 2008tekken3, tektagt: No longer loading the disk or showing graphics errors.user163
 01796310.124u5lkage.cppSoundMinorConfirmedMay 11, 2008lkage: Filtered PSG soundStefan Lindberg
 0179370.125subsino2.cppInterfaceMajorResolvedMay 9, 2008bishjan: Hardware reset (shift-F3) doesn't worknightsoil
 0178840.125blktiger.cppSoundFeatureResolvedMay 8, 2008blktiger and clones: First credit sound not played if DEMO SOUND Dip is set OFFKold666
 0178920.125ultrsprt.cppGameplayMajorClosedMay 8, 2008fiveside: Game doesn't initialize / stuck on rom testOsso
 0179040.125toaplan1.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (Roberto Fresca)May 8, 2008zerowing2: Last "Unused" dipswitch is for territory.Nomax
 0173820.124u3dynax.cppDocumentationTypoResolved (Roberto Fresca)May 8, 2008neruton: Typo in titleJustin Kerk
 0178710.125segac2.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolved (Roberto Fresca)May 8, 2008columnsu: 1st unknown dip switch indentifiedFortuna
 0055510.37b15blktiger.cppDIP/InputMinorResolved (couriersud)May 6, 2008blktiger: These games can't receive coins during play, only in continue screen.Bugfinder
 01488120.123u5cps2.cppMisc.MinorConfirmedMay 6, 2008msh, xmvsf, xmcota: [possible] In the test menu for msh, mshvsf, xmvsf, xmcota, nwarr for sound and voice, the bar for volume disappers-Misc Reporters-
 01779150.125InterfaceTrivialClosedMay 5, 2008All sets in legionna.c, raiden2.c: Test files being written.russ h.
 0174310.124u4galaxian.cppSoundMajorResolved (aaron)May 5, 2008anteater: Music is really loud and clipsJustin Kerk
 0177020.124u5dynax.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedMay 5, 2008hanayara, mjangels, mjcomv1, mjreach, quiztvqq, tenkai, tenkaibb, tenkaicb, yarunara: [debug] msm6242 device assertFirewave
 0177810.124u5m62.cppSoundMinorResolved (aaron)May 5, 2008all sets in m62.c driver: low ay8910 volumeKold666
 017710.124u5segas32.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)May 5, 2008arescue, f1en: [debug] space_map_range errorsFirewave
 017720.124u5jalmah.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)May 5, 2008daireika: [debug] space_map_range assertionFirewave
 017730.124u5harddriv.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)May 5, 2008steeltal1, steeltalg, steeltal, steeltalp: [debug] space_map_range errorFirewave
 017740.124u5harddriv.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)May 5, 2008racedrivcb4, racedrivcg4, racedrivc1, racedrivc2, racedrivc4, racedrivcb, racedrivcg, racedrivc: [debug] space_map_range errorFirewave
 0165550.124aneodriv.hxxSoundMinorResolvedMay 4, 2008All sets in neodrvr.c: NeoGeo sound mainly emitted from the left channelLastNinja2
 0177560.124u5m57.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (robiza)May 4, 2008newtangl, troangel: Crash with Access ViolationFirewave
 01759230.124u4taitosj.cppSoundMinorClosedMay 3, 2008jungleh, junglek: distorted sound when getting killed in the waterpcman
 017690.124u5SoundMajorResolved (couriersud)May 2, 2008All games using YM2610: SSG volume more than 1.0 causes no audio output.Fujix
 0155920.123u6meritm.cppSoundMinorResolvedMay 2, 2008All sets in meritm.c: Sounds are played 2x normal pitchgeforcefly
 017272120.124u3system16.cppGraphicsMajorClosedMay 1, 2008shinobld, shinoblb: Corrupted graphics in shinobi bootlegshaynor666
 0176510.124SpeedMajorClosedMay 1, 2008Blitz99, Blitz2k: Blitz runs slow and seems to skip every other beatuser274
 01764110.124amidyunit.cppSoundMajorClosedMay 1, 2008narc: DAC sound clippingYonah
 0175260.124u4CompilingMinorResolved (aaron)May 1, 2008Warnings making standard .124u4 in GCC 4.3.0 (mingw)Terryn
 0014960.122u4Misc.FeatureResolved (aaron)May 1, 2008No error report for invalid BIOS setting.Firewave
 0162840.124atoaplan2.cppSoundMajorResolved (robiza)Apr 30, 2008bgaregga, bgareggahk, bgaregganv, bgareggacn, bgareggat2: Sound brokenIaspis
 0036710.36rc2actfancr.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 30, 2008actfancr, actfancrj, actfancr1: [possible] You can see the character set used to enter the initials in the high score screen.Lord Caos
 00507210.36b16snk.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 30, 2008vangrd2, madcrash: [possible] You can see the set of characters and text used to enter the initials on the high score table.Lord Caos
 01757210.124u440love.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 29, 2008fieldday, undoukai: Graphics Corruption.Tafoid
 00200110.104u3m62.cppColor/PaletteMinorAssigned (couriersud)Apr 28, 2008kidniki: on real hardware it is possible to see the shape of his hair when in the darkness during the title sequence.Stefan Lindberg
 00199170.116u3m62.cppColor/PaletteMinorConfirmedApr 26, 2008spelunk2: On my Spelunker 2 PCB is the wall you can pass thru darker that the rest, in MAME that wall is not dark.Stefan Lindberg
 01744220.120u4gradius3.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 26, 2008gradius3, gradius3a, gradius3e: missing title text in introemuman
 0174710.124u4dietgo.cppGraphicsTrivialResolved (robiza)Apr 26, 2008dietgo, dietgoe, dietgou, dietgoj: A ToDo note no more needed into the driver.Layne
 0143020.123u2m90.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 26, 2008riskchal: Sprite-tile priority problemrobiza
 0146690.123cps2.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedApr 25, 2008sfa3: Problem with Multiple-Button-Inputs (3) registering in MAME via Gamepad/Stick; Keyboard is ok.LeChuck
 0174910.124u4CoreTrivialClosedApr 25, 2008memory.c: A log message has the incorrect addressRobbbert
 01750120.124u4m57.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 25, 2008troangel, newtangl: Corrupt sprite graphics in gameMachone
 0111630.109u4pacland.cppMisc.TrivialResolved (robiza)Apr 25, 2008pacland: You can't put more than 9 credits. On the pcb the limit is 99 credits.Kold666
 0174810.124u4InterfaceTypoClosedApr 24, 2008neodrvr.c: MameUI options dialog sets bios=none and not bios=NULLMonkeyEgg
 0169640.124u2taitosj.cppSoundMinorResolvedApr 24, 2008alpine, alpinea: low ski soundfxKold666
 00426120.120dynax.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 24, 2008tenkaibb, mjreach: don't bootup correctly.dyq
 0171120.124u3mpu4drvr.cppCheat SystemCritical (emulator)ResolvedApr 24, 2008m4conn4, m4met0, m4tst2, m4utst, bctvidbs: Using -CHEAT trigger causes a crashTafoid
 0158830.123u6namcos22.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 24, 2008timecrisa, timecris: MAME simply quits after pressing F3 in both sets, game cannot be runnedhaynor666
 017330.124u3saturn.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008diehard: Game fails to startMachone
 0171010.124u3vicdual.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008spacetrk, spacetrkc: Cannot insert coins in both setshaynor666
 0172150.124u3vicdual.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008sspaceat, sspaceat2, sspaceat3, sspaceatc: Problems with inserting coins.haynor666
 0174010.124u3vicdual.cppDIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008carnival, headon, heiankyo, pulsar, samurai, tranqgun: Is not possible to insert any coin.Scuore
 0172420.124u3neodriv.hxxCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008garou, garouo: Can't start the gameemuman
 017320.124u3neodriv.hxxCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008kof99, kof99h, kof99e: Game doesn't startMachone
 0174210.124u3punchout.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008punchout, armwrest + many vsnes.c and playch10.c games: Refreshspeed causes fatal exception in punchoutMKChamp
 00182130.116u4m62.cppColor/PaletteMinorResolvedApr 23, 2008m62.c games: It seems the fix for spelunker 2 screws up all the other M62 games?Stefan Lindberg
 0167010.124u1m62.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 22, 2008kungfum, kungfumd, spartanx, kungfub, kungfub2: Main character sprite not hidden at end of level.Machone
 01686250.124u1m62.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 22, 2008ldrun3, ldrun3j: visible area problemrobiza
 01737110.124vsnes.cppGraphicsMinorClosedApr 21, 2008duckhunt: Graphic not showing during gameplay.ReyVGM
 01734120.124u3williams.cppDIP/InputMinorClosedApr 21, 2008joust2: Cannot start a gamepcman
 0024840.37b7kyugo.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 20, 2008repulse: Once the player has been shot, a misplaced tile appears on the screen.Frotz
 01145140.101u5kyugo.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 20, 2008sonofphx, 99lstwar, 99lstwark, repulse: When you die in the first level, there's a red graphics glitch at the lower left.RansAckeR
 0002320.98u3metro.cppMisc.TrivialResolvedApr 20, 2008pangpoms: Game name description.Twisty
 0087410.36b4system16.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 20, 2008astormbl: There are some garbage graphics in the later shooting gallery stage.YMI
 00981210.36b16system16.cppColor/PaletteMinorConfirmedApr 20, 2008astormbl: [possible] At the end sequence of this game, some of the sprites shows wrong colors periodly.Lord Caos
 01731110.124u3atarifb.cppGraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 20, 2008atarifb, atarifb1, atarifb4, abaseb, abaseb2: LED errors in driverMr. Do
 01723180.124u3cps1.cppOriginal ReferenceMinorResolvedApr 19, 2008kod: About missing distorsion effect into "The King of Dragons (World 910711)" set.Stefan Lindberg
 01728120.124u3shadfrce.cppCrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 19, 2008shadfrce, shadfrcej: Game hangs after you enter forest level.haynor666
 0172610.124u3nss.cppDIP/InputMajorClosedApr 19, 2008nss_skin: Cannot insert coin (disabled all coins slots)haynor666
 0172020.124u3mw8080bw.cppGraphicsMinorResolvedApr 18, 2008spcenctr: There is strange line on the righthaynor666
 0157310.106u7ssv.cppDIP/InputTrivialResolvedApr 17, 2008hypreac2, koikois2: Player 1 Start mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 00498130.36b6kyugo.cppGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 17, 2008sonofphx, 99lstwar, 99lstwara, 99lstwark, repulse: When the end-level mothership appears in the stage 4, it shows through the trees and scrolls showing through.-Misc Reporters-
 01706110.124u3senjyo.cppDIP/InputMinorConfirmedApr 17, 2008starforc, megaforc, starforcb, starforce: star force 2nd player problem-Misc Reporters-
 0169190.124aInterfaceMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 17, 2008Various Sets: when exiting a game, seems to be any game I get an eip errorjoebells