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 02540110.127GraphicsMinorClosedOct 13, 200819xx: Graphical glitch in level 5Iaspis
 0253810.127u7Misc.MinorResolved (aaron)Oct 13, 2008many dkong.c sets, mario, marioj, marioo: [debug] Error: free a non-existant blockFirewave
 02522140.127u7GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Oct 13, 2008cubeqst: Cubequest showing its laserdisc footage under black regular graphics in demo.john_iv
 02535120.127u6GraphicsMinorResolvedOct 12, 2008kaiserkn: Graphic Errorscibomatto2002
 008490.114u1GraphicsMajorResolvedOct 12, 2008ssf2mdb: Sound f/x play OK, but nothing shows.-Misc Reporters-
 018670.125u4DIP/InputTrivialResolvedOct 12, 2008plygonet: Duplicated InputsTafoid
 0146490.123u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 12, 2008crusnexa, thegrid, thegrida: [debug] Fatal error when loading a autosave save stateFirewave
 0171610.122u5DIP/InputTrivialResolved (couriersud)Oct 12, 2008backfire, backfirea: Coin 1+2, Service1 and Service Mode mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0010610.85u2DIP/InputMajorResolved (R. Belmont)Oct 12, 2008le2: Impossible to reload.Karasu
 017080.124u3DIP/InputTrivialResolved (couriersud)Oct 12, 2008stargrds: stargrds duplicate inputs-Misc Reporters-
 0253210.127u7DIP/InputCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Oct 12, 2008lunarba1: Unable to locate input port 'DSW2'Firewave
 025330.127u7Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Oct 12, 2008nbapbp: CPU audio: PULSE_LINE used with level-detected IRQ 1Firewave
 0253010.127u7Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Oct 12, 2008Various: [debug] Assertion in cpuint.cFirewave
 01821130.125u2Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Oct 12, 2008lohtb2: Game stops at PCB testhaynor666
 025290.127u7DIP/InputMinorResolved (couriersud)Oct 12, 2008catch22: Credits do not register in game.Tafoid
 0252830.127u7CoreCritical (emulation)ResolvedOct 12, 2008xexex and clones: Game checks halt with "VERSION ERROR"Terryn
 014470.123u3DIP/InputMajorResolved (R. Belmont)Oct 12, 2008propcycl: Analog input roll over problem.-Misc Reporters-
 022110.127u2SoundMinorResolved (R. Belmont)Oct 12, 2008soldivid: missing musicHaze
 0097810.37b10GraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Oct 11, 2008columns2: There is some garbage on the place where you drop the 2 small squares at the bottom, after the Game Over image drops down.-Misc Reporters-
 02521260.127u7Color/PaletteMinorResolved (Haze)Oct 11, 2008ichir and clones, tantr and clones: Some colors are missing and other graphics errorsshinji
 02524120.127u6GraphicsMajorConfirmedOct 11, 2008radr: Part of the background is not correctly displayed.user422
 02503180.127u6Cheat SystemMinorClosedOct 10, 2008xml parse error is reported when "--" is in a comment clause.cibomatto2002
 00038130.103u1GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Oct 10, 2008gground: Sprites on the character select screen.Twisty
 02511110.127u7Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 10, 2008dkong: Donkey Kong crashes after quiting.john_iv
 02512220.127u7Misc.MajorResolved (aaron)Oct 10, 2008dkong: Artwork and gameplay area are getting squished/distorted.john_iv
 0250740.127u7SoundMajorClosedOct 10, 2008dstage, ddr2m: Music does not play, causing the game to loop when starting a gameincog
 0248010.127u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008Various: [debug] CPU x: PULSE_LINE used with level-detected IRQ yFirewave
 02482120.127u6GraphicsMajorResolved (couriersud)Oct 9, 2008bubblemj: Demonstration screen troubleuser422
 02483130.127u6GraphicsMinorResolved (couriersud)Oct 9, 2008gunlock, rayforcej: Title screen troubleuser422
 0220310.127u2Misc.MinorClosedOct 9, 2008-listxml driver status default value handlingemuman
 0222110.127SoundMajorResolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008blzntrnd: Sound is almost completely brokenGinsuVictim
 024790.127u6Misc.MinorResolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008Various: [debug] Memory leakFirewave
 0226660.127u4MultisessionCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008tceptor: Thunder Ceptor crashes out when run as the second game.john_iv
 02488130.127u6MultisessionCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008All sets with using 2+ monitors: Crash to desktop on second play.incog
 0232110.127u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008m4clr, m4tst, m4tst2: Screenless systems crash due to problems in some display core functionsetabeta
 0247620.127u6Misc.MinorResolvedOct 9, 2008some neodrvr.c sets: [debug] Memory leakFirewave
 0232460.127u4GameplayCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008dokyusei, dokyusp, gakusai, gakusai2: Game doesn't startarael86
 0229250.127u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (galibert)Oct 9, 2008dcclubfd, gground, ggroundj, roughrac, sgmastc, sgmastj: Game doesn't startHaze
 02489110.127u6Color/PaletteMajorResolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008All Sets in namcos22.c: Garbled colours and graphicsincog
 0247060.127u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008Various: Access ViolationFirewave
 0247550.127u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedOct 9, 2008kf10thep: Access ViolationFirewave
 025020.127u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Oct 9, 2008fax, hardhat, mtrap, pepper2, teetert, venture and clones: Accessing a certain portion of memory in the debugger causes crash.Tafoid
 0250410.127GraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 9, 2008irobot: Corrupted polygons on wireframe objectsYonah
 0250130.127u6Misc.MinorClosedOct 8, 2008All sets: Exiting mame sometimes results in having process "conime.exe" linger in memoryIaspis
 0099820.120Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (galibert)Oct 6, 2008dcclubfd: Hangs during playing with an access violation error.Scagazza
 0246020.127u5DIP/InputTrivialResolved (Haze)Oct 6, 2008qrouka: Coin 1+2 no longer work.Tafoid
 00081120.105u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (galibert)Oct 6, 2008dcclub: Game crash and freeze.-Misc Reporters-
 00989110.83GraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Oct 6, 2008qgh: If you do a metamorphose, the screen turns black without displaying words/pictures.J.J.Boy
 02458210.127u5Color/PaletteMinorResolved (couriersud)Oct 5, 2008enforce: Road layer colors are wrong.M.A.S.H.
 02469210.127u6GraphicsMinorResolved (couriersud)Oct 5, 2008geebee and clones: Appears to be missing its middle swinging gatejohn_iv
 011440.61GraphicsMinorConfirmedOct 4, 2008avengers: [possible] The background in the ending isn't emulated correctly.Kale
 01656530.124aGraphicsMinorResolvedOct 4, 2008Many sets in neodrvr.c: Various NeoGeo sets have borders at both ends.LastNinja2
 0247710.127u6DIP/InputCritical (emulation)Resolved (etabeta)Oct 4, 2008most merit.c sets: Unable to locate input port 'IN3'Firewave
 0246820.127u6CompilingMajorResolved (aaron)Oct 3, 200864 bit build failsRoman
 0004520.122u1DIP/InputMajorResolvedOct 2, 2008vshoot: P1 Start and P2 Start don't work.Tafoid
 0245360.127u5DIP/InputMinorClosedOct 2, 2008excitebk, excitbkj: Vs. Excitebike listed as a 2 player game but it's really a 1 player gameTheShanMan
 0244250.127u5CoreMajorResolved (aaron)Oct 2, 2008-aviwrite produces faulty filesFirewave
 0245440.127u5Misc.MinorClosedSep 29, 2008ms5pcb: ms5pcb can not pass the rom auditingdyq
 0109410.37b15SoundMinorConfirmedSep 28, 2008bounty, percuss: Some AY-3-8910A sound effects are missing.M.A.S.H.
 02323170.127u4DIP/InputMajorResolved (stephh)Sep 28, 2008geebeeb: Unable to coin - Always coin lockoutTafoid
 0243610.127u5SpeedMinorClosedSep 28, 2008machbrkr: Speed not at 100%Scagazza
 0109030.123Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Sep 28, 2008invadpt2, sicv: Watchdog reset.Robbbert
 02440140.127u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Sep 28, 2008abcop, gprider1, rachero: abcop just shows a black flickering screen, rachero gives an error and crashes on exitSmitdogg
 02452210.127u5GraphicsMinorClosedSep 27, 2008kof2001, kof2001h: Various glitches in How To Play display.Terryn
 0244110.127u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Sep 27, 2008rdft22kc: rdft22kc just shows a black screen and fails to bootSmitdogg
 021940.127u1Misc.Critical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Sep 27, 2008All Sets in othunder.c: Black screen, game does not startruss h.
 02410100.127u4Misc.MinorResolved (aaron)Sep 27, 2008-aviwrite: files over 2 gigs sometimes get cut offSmitdogg
 0225330.127u3InterfaceFeatureConfirmedSep 27, 2008Ability to change Slider values using MouseTafoid
 02024590.126u1Color/PaletteMinorResolved (nicolasa)Sep 27, 2008pbobble3, pbobble4, ringrage and clones: Color RegressionTafoid
 01187230.62GraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 27, 2008gseeker: In attract mode, there is a priority error where a stealth bomber is coming out of a hanger.-Misc Reporters-
 02411110.127u4GraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 27, 2008cameltryj: Glitch on the stage choice screenSmitdogg
 0243810.127u5Misc.MinorClosedSep 26, 2008indytemc: indytemc should use atari sys 1 biosRoman
 0243720.127u5SoundMinorResolvedSep 26, 2008fromanc2, fromanc4: sound glitchedarael86
 00601180.118u2DIP/InputTrivialResolvedSep 25, 2008qbert: Can only Map controllers to Diagonalsdenzilla
 02381110.127u4DIP/InputTrivialResolved (etabeta)Sep 25, 2008peke1012: Lightpen not mapped in optionHeihachi_73
 0231820.127u4DIP/InputMajorResolvedSep 24, 2008vliner, vlinero: Coins not accepted - causes "Coin Jam"user417
 02342110.127u4GraphicsMinorConfirmedSep 24, 2008darktowr: [possible] Everyone stands in the "middle" of platforms. Correct sprite placement?Smitdogg
 023221490.127u4CoreMajorResolvedSep 23, 2008All Drivers using 8080 CPU: 8080 Core problem with score/credit counts and other variablesuser413
 0232530.127u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedSep 23, 2008triplew1, triplew2, vanilla: Game doesn't startarael86
 0225430.127u1DIP/InputMajorResolved (etabeta)Sep 22, 2008All Sets in namcond1.c: Unable to coin/start game properlyruss h.
 02156210.127Color/PaletteMinorResolved (couriersud)Sep 22, 2008naughtyb: Wrong RESNET calculation of the green component.M.A.S.H.
 02279150.127u4Misc.MajorClosedSep 22, 2008cubeqst: 0.127u4 chdman -fixavdata randomly failsPr3tty F1y
 0228010.127u4Misc.MinorResolved (aaron)Sep 22, 2008any set with multiple CPUs: Disassembler freezes when doing a Run on any CPU other than CPU 0Luigi30
 0017420.37b4SoundMinorConfirmedSep 21, 2008mars: The sound volume of the shots and explosions in the game seem too high compared to the background music.The tECHIDNA
 0225720.127u4GameplayCritical (emulation)ResolvedSep 21, 2008ptblank: Problem with Test ModeScagazza
 0225630.127u4GameplayMajorResolvedSep 21, 2008machbrkr: Problem with Test ModeScagazza
 0227820.127u4SoundMajorClosedSep 21, 2008dspirit: Music Stopscibomatto2002
 01123220.57GraphicsMinorClosedSep 21, 2008wfortune: Vanna White's graphics blink on and off sometimes when she's turning the letters.Smitdogg
 01115130.37b16GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Sep 21, 2008batman2: A little bit of red and yellow garbled graphics appear in the lower left corner of the screen.Smitdogg
 022621N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedSep 19, 2008dquizgo2: bugged video test-MAME Source-
 0226110.127u4SoundMinorClosedSep 19, 2008All sets: sound stalls without accompanying CPU stalls.Terryn
 022590.127u4Misc.MinorResolved (Phil Bennett)Sep 19, 2008tinklpit: Debug messages displayed on exitTafoid
 02258120.126u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (etabeta)Sep 19, 2008srmp6: Game displays black screen, plays two NiLe samples every three seconds over and over againuser413
 0225530.127u4DIP/InputMajorClosedSep 19, 2008numanath: No input respondScagazza
 02239140.126u5SoundMinorResolved (aaron)Sep 18, 2008stunrun: No OKI6295 sound.user413
 01121240.79GraphicsMinorResolvedSep 18, 2008arkatour: There is a black block in the title screen.Firewave
 0225210.127u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedSep 18, 2008All sets in nbmj8688.c: Games doesn't start.M.A.S.H.
 0224710.127u3SoundMajorResolved (aaron)Sep 18, 2008All Set in travrusa.c: Missing all sound.M.A.S.H.
 0223320.127u3SpeedMajorResolvedSep 18, 2008chboxing, chwrestl, dokidoki: Game Speed/Timing issueTafoid
 02210110.127u2Misc.TypoResolvedSep 18, 2008fieldday, undoukai: Game doesn't start. Source typo in 0.126u2.M.A.S.H.