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 0202920.126u1DIP/InputMinorResolvedJul 21, 2008aurail and clones: Coinage Dip Switches ignoredetabeta
 02030120.126u1GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 21, 2008tetris: Missing slab of graphics in background on level 6.john_iv
 0190250.125u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedJul 20, 2008galpani3: crash at startetabeta
 0171810.122u5DIP/InputTrivialResolvedJul 20, 2008bishi: Coin 1 and Service 1 mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0157220.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolvedJul 20, 2008hypreact: Kan, Pon, Chi, Reach, Ron are mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0164030.106u6DIP/InputTrivialClosedJul 19, 2008janjans2: Coin inputs are not shown in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 0156810.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolvedJul 19, 2008gstrik2: Service mode is mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0156920.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (couriersud)Jul 19, 2008marukin: Service mode is mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0156620.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (couriersud)Jul 19, 2008All sets in megaplay.c: 1 Player Start and 2 Players Start are duplicated.-Misc Reporters-
 00036110.97u3GraphicsMinorClosedJul 19, 2008flower: Sometimes it won't show any letters at all.Twisty
 0156420.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolvedJul 19, 2008hyhoo, hyhoo2: Possible Service#2 Map missing-Misc Reporters-
 0202520.126u1DocumentationTypoClosedJul 19, 2008hod2bios: hod2bios is marked as BIOS, while it should be inside naomigdabelenki
 0201940.126u1InterfaceMinorResolved (R. Belmont)Jul 18, 2008vfkids: Logging for the SH-2 has been left on.john_iv
 0060520.108u3DIP/InputMajorResolvedJul 18, 2008sb2003: No input, can't insert a coin with 5 or 6 button press.-Misc Reporters-
 0060010.95u5DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 18, 2008puzlclub: [possible] After inserting credits and playing a game till its game over, you can't insert anymore credits usinThenasty
 0111310.60SpeedMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 18, 2008btlkroad: This game runs like slow-motion during gameplay, with 60/60 on fps.Kale
 0047910.114DIP/InputMinorResolvedJul 18, 2008livegal: P1 Start start a P2 game (and some inputs are misread in Test Mode)-Misc Reporters-
 00322120.105u4DIP/InputTrivialResolvedJul 18, 2008galkaika, galkoku: Start buttons for player 2 and 3, and playkeys for player 2 are mapped. They are useless.-Misc Reporters-
 0200040.126Cheat SystemCritical (emulator)ClosedJul 17, 2008Many Sets: -CHEAT still crashes before emulation startsTafoid
 0198120.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008Issues with writing anything greater than a byte with some gamesPugsy
 01990140.126Cheat SystemMajorClosedJul 17, 2008"Restore previous value" flag doesn't workstephh
 0198210.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008kageki: Watches don't function correctlyPugsy
 0197420.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008EEPROM/Mapped Memory cheats can not be turned oncouriersud
 0197620.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008aof3 infinite time cheat brokencouriersud
 0197820.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008ROM cheats like Invincibility in asteroids still don't work at all.couriersud
 0197510.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008tekken2 infinite time cheat brokencouriersud
 0197710.125u9Cheat SystemMinorClosedJul 17, 2008Edit Code menu: inconsistent change behaviourcouriersud
 0013420.112u2DIP/InputMinorResolvedJul 17, 2008sb2003: No input reaction in the continue screen.Firewave
 0201810.126DIP/InputMajorClosedJul 17, 2008hardriv, racedriv and clones: Ever pressed brake and Unresponsive steering wheelDr.Zer0
 0188320.125u4InterfaceMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 17, 2008cabal: Wrong dip left highlighted when changing a dip that causes a conditional change above itamameuser
 0201720.126DocumentationTypoResolvedJul 17, 2008macea: Description of 'macea' missing closing parentheses.john_iv
 0008910.106u1DIP/InputTrivialConfirmedJul 17, 2008jjparad2, jjparads: [possible] Tilt switch is mapped but does not come up in the input test.-Misc Reporters-
 00259110.36rc2DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJul 17, 2008startrek: The cocktail DIP has no effect and there are no separate controls for player 2.Frotz
 0201520.126Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedJul 17, 2008eswatj: freezes with debug onetabeta
 0173610.124u3GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 16, 2008fcrash: missing graphic in "10 seconds continue" screenrobiza
 00871280.37b5GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 16, 2008pow: At 3/4 of the 1st level, there is a large pillar, which pops up too late.Jonemaan
 0200620.126DIP/InputTrivialResolvedJul 16, 2008rtriv: All four buttons for player 1 are mapped twiceLastNinja2
 0006530.79GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 15, 2008aliensj, aliensj2: Blank black box.Firewave
 01547110.123u5SoundMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 15, 2008cabalbl: Cabal (bootleg) soundfx wrongKold666
 010164120.118u2Color/PaletteMinorClosedJul 14, 2008kod: The background color of the end credit is not black.-Misc Reporters-
 0191010.125u6DIP/InputFeatureResolvedJul 13, 2008changela: Gear Shift defaults to ReverseM.A.S.H.
 0090020.62Color/PaletteMajorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 13, 2008kaiserkn, kaiserknj, gblchmp, dankuga: When thrown by Azteca's medium punch throw the palette of the thrown character gets all messed up.-Misc Reporters-
 008950.60Color/PaletteMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 13, 2008arabianm and clones: During level 6, there is a rain effect, but the water is coloured green.Kale
 01917370.37b11Color/PaletteMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 13, 2008gunlock, rayforce, rayforcej: The color of Battleships is wrong in the 1st stage.Tebasaki
 01058210.111u2DocumentationTypoResolved (nicolasa)Jul 13, 2008exctsccrb: Exciting soccer bootleg should be placed in champbas.c.Kold666
 0199740.126GraphicsMinorClosedJul 13, 2008Screen stretch and position distorts screen shots.Yonah
 0188720.111u5Flip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 12, 2008pushman, pushmana, pushmans: Flip screen DIP switch doesn't work.-Misc Reporters-
 0200210.126GraphicsMinorConfirmedJul 12, 2008elvactr and clones: Shooting lights doesn't make the room go darknicolasa
 018910.111u5Flip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 12, 2008matchit, shisen, sichuan2, sichuan2a: Flip screen DIP switch doesn't work.-Misc Reporters-
 0200130.126InterfaceMinorClosedJul 12, 2008sfiii: Spurious information presented after -str benchmark run on command-line w/ sfiii.john_iv
 015740.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (nicolasa)Jul 12, 2008dankuga, gblcmhp, kaiserknj, kaiserkn: Player 1 and Player 2 Button 4 mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0192520.125u6Color/PaletteMinorResolved (nicolasa)Jul 12, 2008gunlock, rayforce, rayforcej: The explosive color of the demo is different.tasuku
 0199520.126Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedJul 10, 2008Bug MAME32 Plus! for series game Metal Sluguser356
 019730.125u2Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (nicolasa)Jul 10, 2008champbasj: Game resets itself in the middle of test processhaynor666
 01677110.124aCrash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Jul 10, 2008midnrun, windheat: Access violationCanim
 019870.126DocumentationTypoResolvedJul 7, 2008sfz3ugd: sfz3ugd is marked as BIOS while it's notRoman
 0174635N/ADIP/InputFeatureResolved (stephh)Jul 7, 2008perfrman, tigerh, getstar, slapfigh and all clones: P1 and P2 controls both control P1 in Upright modeSune_S
 018960.125u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Jul 6, 2008bigfight, cyclwarr: Access Violation crashTafoid
 0195130.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Jul 6, 2008cybrcycc: Crash during intro.Canim
 019830.125u9Cheat SystemMinorResolved (couriersud)Jul 6, 2008Force Range cheats not workingPugsy
 0038820.72u1GraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Jul 6, 2008gaia: sometimes fails to display shadows beneath enemies or the sprites of the old man that talks to you.MAMEjong
 01984120.125u9Cheat SystemMinorResolvedJul 6, 2008Incorrectly populating empty spacer comment cheatsPugsy
 0198010.125u9Cheat SystemMinorResolved (aaron)Jul 6, 2008Enable Cheats menu only showing the first 24 cheats for ANY gamePugsy
 01971160.125u9Cheat SystemMinorResolved (aaron)Jul 6, 2008Cheat menu flickers.Fujix
 0076820.122u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedJul 6, 2008ridgerac: Crash with access violation in 122u8 64 bit.Scagazza
 01967120.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedJul 6, 2008output.c unregister_client crashTheShanMan
 0196310.125u8InterfaceMajorResolved (aaron)Jul 6, 2008screenless systems: [debug] memory leak with -mngwriteFirewave
 01952250.125u8Cheat SystemMinorResolvedJul 4, 2008sfex2p: Cheat crash.user250
 01968190.125u9Cheat SystemCritical (emulator)ResolvedJul 4, 2008-CHEAT trigger causes MAME crash when starting or exiting with some sets.Tafoid
 0196950.125u9Cheat SystemMajorResolvedJul 4, 2008some problem with cheat systemrobiza
 0196210.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Jul 1, 2008tailg: [debug] "Fatal error: Input ports cannot be read at init time!" with -debugFirewave
 019480.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Jun 30, 2008All alg.c and cliffhgr.c sets: Access Violation when taking a snapshotFirewave
 0194040.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Jun 30, 2008All cps3.c sets: Access ViolationFirewave
 019460.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Jun 30, 2008Various: Fatal error: Input ports cannot be read at init time! (part 2)Firewave
 019570.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Jun 30, 2008[debug] Access Violation on hardreset with -debugFirewave
 0029910.122u5DIP/InputTrivialResolved (stephh)Jun 29, 2008bigevglf: No keys mapped for Player 2 (cocktail input)-Misc Reporters-
 01494160.123u5GraphicsMinorResolvedJun 29, 2008tmnt: the graphic flickers on Shredder next to April O'Neil when the turtles get out of the burning building-Misc Reporters-
 0065410.88u1DIP/InputMinorResolved (stephh)Jun 28, 2008usclssic: Can't start 2P game. Seems like 2P Start key has no effect.Nomax
 0194530.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (couriersud)Jun 28, 2008All asteriod.c sets: [debug] AssertionsFirewave
 0193930.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Jun 28, 2008All segag80v.c sets: [debug] AssertionsFirewave
 019470.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (couriersud)Jun 28, 2008All omegrace.c sets: [debug] AssertionsFirewave
 00943120.62DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJun 28, 2008snowbro2: [possible] After a certain number of games/continues, the game will no longer register coins. 39 coins apparently.Thenasty
 019410.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (couriersud)Jun 28, 2008pleiads, pleiadbl, pleiadce: Fatal error: activecpu_get_info_int() called with no active cpu! (src/emu/cpuintrf.c:1160)Tafoid
 019440.125u8DIP/InputMajorResolved (robiza)Jun 28, 2008hachamf: Unable to locate input port 'DSW'Firewave
 019380.125u8Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Jun 28, 2008vaportrx: Game freezeScagazza
 01937140.125Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (couriersud)Jun 28, 2008All Sets: Fatal Exception on In-Game Menuuser340
 0193230.125SoundMinorResolvedJun 27, 2008pbobble4: No voices in Puzzle Bobble 4Qc4
 0193540.125u7Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (couriersud)Jun 27, 2008All output commands (-listxml, -cc, -listfull, ETC) crash with errorabelenki
 0193330.125SoundMinorResolvedJun 27, 2008rthunder, rthundero: PCM sound effects are extremely quiet compared to musicDMala
 0186120.123DIP/InputMajorClosedJun 26, 2008Setting of Player1Button1 for Lightgun is not working correctlyGatinho
 0193110.125u6GameplayMajorResolved (couriersud)Jun 25, 2008sqix: sprites slowdownKekule
 00805210.61GraphicsMinorResolvedJun 25, 2008smgolf, smgolfj, ladygolf: There is a misplaced line at the top of the screen.DCisTHEbest
 0187420.125u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Jun 25, 2008windheat: Game freezeScagazza
 0193040.125u6DIP/InputMajorClosedJun 25, 2008renegade, kuniokun, kuniokub: some DIP switches can't be changedabelenki
 019051160.125u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Jun 25, 2008Many Sets: Fatal Error crash - Fatal error: Input ports cannot be read at init time! (src/emu/inptport.c:1278)Tafoid
 017120.122u5DIP/InputTrivialResolved (couriersud)Jun 24, 2008exerizerb, skyfox: Coin 1 mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 01886320.125u4GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Jun 24, 2008gradius4: 3D gfx problem.robiza
 01924310.125GraphicsMinorConfirmedJun 24, 2008dariusg and clones: The shadow of the boss hehind the cloud can not be seen in zone V'.ptolemy
 0192740.125u6InterfaceMinorResolved (aaron)Jun 24, 2008Effects overlay showing in snapshotsTwisty
 0190110.125u5GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Jun 24, 2008kinst13, kinst14, kinstp: Attract mode graphics regressionBaz