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 0725120.207DocumentationTrivialResolved (chaneman)Mar 6, 2019brkthru: Undocumented Test Modechaneman
 0710450.201DIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)Mar 2, 2019bbh, bbhsc, bbhsca, bbh2sp, bbh2spa, bbh2spb: Targeting is offmmarino4
 0724430.207Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Tafoid)Mar 1, 2019turrett: No longer boots to playableTafoid
 0724610.207Color/PaletteMinorClosedMar 1, 2019Enigma II (Game Plan Zilec Electronics License)chaneman
 053621110.151DIP/InputMinorClosedFeb 28, 2019shtngmste: Strange random crosshair movement when triple buffering enabledjonuk76
 041722120.141GameplayMajorAcknowledgedFeb 27, 2019All set in hvyunit.c: Enemies stop appearing during Stage 5-2.DRG
 06123110.169Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (SailorSat)Feb 27, 2019vr: If running in linked mode, coining up may crash the emulationSailorSat
 04845160.145u8SoundMinorClosedFeb 26, 2019lsasquad, storming: samples are repeating all the time, sound clipping?haynor666
 0724310.206Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedFeb 26, 2019MESS-specific mz700: Sharp MZ-700 does not load gamesSterophonick
 072400.206DIP/InputMajorResolved (Osso)Feb 25, 2019sf2rules: Kick buttons do not seem to be hooked updiplo
 0723550.206SoundMinorAcknowledgedFeb 24, 2019legionna: BGMs doesn't match real HWKale
 0718150.204SoundMinorAcknowledgedFeb 23, 2019midresb, midresbj: [possible] Erratic soundKale
 07195310.205GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 20, 2019shogwarr, fjbuster: Misplaced graphicshaynor666
 0723910.206GraphicsMajorClosedFeb 18, 2019MESS-specific cdimono1 [linkfoe]: Credits in Link - The Faces of Evil appears corruptedSterophonick
 0720820.205MultisessionCritical (emulation)ConfirmedFeb 15, 2019kof2001, kof2002: Starting KOF2002 after running KOF2001 causes machine malfunction-Misc Reporters-
 0723310.206GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 15, 2019MESS-specific megadriv [sor2]: The vertical line at left side of screen is out of sync at the pirate ship substage.StHiryu
 07238110.205GraphicsMinorClosedFeb 15, 2019hcastle and all clones including japanese version: Black vertical rectangle on where the wall was beforeArcadeGuy
 07228240.206Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ConfirmedFeb 13, 2019srdarwin: Game freeze at the end of 1st stage.VasiliyFamiliya
 0723410.206InterfaceMinorAcknowledgedFeb 13, 2019UI: [Enhancement Request] Internal UI Right Columnillando
 0721840.206InterfaceMinorConfirmedFeb 13, 2019UI: "Video Mode" unselectable in Video OptionsBalthier
 0113320.37b9GameplayMinorAcknowledgedFeb 12, 2019naughtyb, naughtyba, naughtybb: [possible] Problem when you get a bonus.The Dog
 04149260.140u2GraphicsMinorAcknowledgedFeb 12, 2019moomesa: In the final stage graphic seems to be wrongScagazza
 0723120.206Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Tafoid)Feb 12, 2019MESS-specific megadriv [jpond]: Game didn't startArcadeShadow
 072300.206DIP/InputMajorResolved (Osso)Feb 11, 2019horshoes: Broken controlsMetalGod
 0722710.205CoreMinorClosedFeb 11, 2019ttchamp: Mame popups message unhandled RAM accesshaynor666
 0722610.206DIP/InputMajorClosedFeb 11, 2019xplan: Broken inputryuhabayusa
 04413110.143GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 10, 2019tail2nos and clones: Title screen's car movement is inverted-Misc Reporters-
 0722510.206SoundMinorResolved (Osso)Feb 9, 2019Most machines in snk6502.cpp: Music playing incorrectlyKekule
 0722240.206GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 7, 2019MESS-specific genesis [alisiadu]: "sel" or "pau" remain on the screen280696516
 0722120.206Color/PaletteMinorAcknowledgedFeb 6, 2019sprint1: [possible] Sprint 1 should have one white car and three black autonomous cars.john_iv
 0459350.144u4GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 6, 2019aerofgt: Sprites vs background alignment is sometimes off when scrolling.hap
 0105720.107u1DocumentationTypoAcknowledgedFeb 6, 2019bonzeadv, bonzeadvo: bonzeadv comparison.stephh
 0721650.152InterfaceFeatureConfirmedFeb 6, 2019MESS-specific Paddle emulation missing in DAI driverwim
 0721930.206DocumentationTypoClosedFeb 5, 2019hishouza: The correct title of the game, from Taito flyer, is "Hi Sho Zame".AntoPISA
 0721720.206SoundMinorResolvedFeb 5, 2019firefox: Sound in attract mode affected by left alt keyBalthier
 0715590.203Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedJan 31, 2019knckhead, exvania, cgangpzl, tinklpit, emeraldia: Wrongly coloured transition screens and vertical lines on the sides in some namcona1.cpp gamesMetalGod
 07215120.205GraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 29, 2019survarts: Some background graphics are misplacedhaynor666
 0721410.205Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (AJR)Jan 28, 2019SNES emulation crashes on initialization if no cartridge is selected.Yonah
 03472250.134SoundMinorResolvedJan 28, 2019wargods: The Sound D/RAM chip fails during the Post and the "Listen for Tone" fails as well during the post.georgc3
 06300110.205Color/PaletteMinorResolved (cuavas)Jan 25, 2019eagle, eagle2: Incorrect color palettemameguy
 0686020.194DIP/InputMinorConfirmedJan 24, 2019othunder and clones: Crosshairs are not aligned to the screenNekoEd
 0720710.205SoundMinorAcknowledgedJan 22, 2019MESS-specific Neo Geo CDZ (US or Japan): Static sounds during matches in Fatal Fury 3Silanda
 049525100.146u3GameplayMajorAcknowledgedJan 21, 2019crusnwld: [possible] No manual transmissionScagazza
 0635430.176SoundMinorConfirmedJan 21, 2019hbarrelw: [possible] No sound voicesAugusto
 06128250.169DocumentationTypoResolved (Kale)Jan 21, 2019fitegolf, fitegolfu: The correct description is "Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf"M.A.S.H.
 037257200.136u2GraphicsMajorResolved (smf)Jan 21, 2019popeye: Incorrect sprite rendering in PopeyeOliver_A
 02209150.127u2SoundMinorResolvedJan 21, 2019mmatrix: [possible] Sound effects are only emitted from the left channel.LastNinja2
 07206320.205GraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 21, 2019hasamu: Player 2 screen graphics are buggedMetalGod
 07009330.198GraphicsMinorResolvedJan 21, 2019cosmogng: Flickering or misplaced spritesKale
 072040.205DIP/InputMinorAcknowledgedJan 17, 2019MESS-specific all macs and probably other mouse driven systems: Playback of recorded mouse input is getting out of sync.Hirudov
 0720530.205SoundMajorResolved (Osso)Jan 17, 2019svcpcb: Cracking/distortion/buzzing soundryuhabayusa
 04991230.146u5Flip Screen/CocktailMinorResolved (Haze)Jan 16, 2019All sets in tumblep.c: Line on left of screen when flippedTafoid
 0701540.198GameplayTrivialResolved (Hydreigon)Jan 14, 2019vr, vformula: Undetected communication board.Hydreigon
 0120850.114SoundMinorConfirmedJan 14, 2019pzloop2: [possible] Sound effects only play on the left audio channel.-Misc Reporters-
 07202110.205Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedJan 13, 2019attckufo: Game on VIC 20 Hardware has wrong colors. I have a fix.vidpro1
 0720110.205SoundMinorAcknowledgedJan 11, 2019tokyowar: [possible] Startup sound/jingle doesn't properly play.Hydreigon
 06482160.182GraphicsMinorResolvedJan 11, 2019mtwins: Screen flickering at the ending secuenceStHiryu
 0109670.60GraphicsMinorResolvedJan 11, 2019hotchase: [possible] At the start of the 1st level the car seems go through the barrier without breaking it.DCisTHEbest
 01678110.124u1Original ReferenceMinorResolvedJan 5, 2019ncv1j, ncv1j2, ncv2, ncv2j: ROZ effect should only work in the Galaga (enhanced) bonus stage.Kold666
 00522360.36b16Color/PaletteMinorResolvedJan 5, 2019chimerab: [possible] At the end of the game and in a later level (the cave), there are a problem with the background color.Lord Caos
 06424220.179GraphicsMinorResolvedJan 5, 2019mk and clones: [possible] graphic corruption on character ending screendiplo
 05592130.153GraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 5, 2019All games in asterix.c: Windmills do not spinabelardator2
 0719710.205CoreMajorResolved (Osso)Jan 5, 2019MESS-specific orica: Tape loading of cassettes is not working since version 0.201Hirudov
 0643340.179Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (AJR)Jan 5, 2019mrheli: Game freezes in the first stageEoceneMiacid
 06550110.185Misc.TrivialResolvedJan 3, 2019batmanfr: Warning: SCU Transfer From BIOS Area, Contact MAMEDEVZach S.
 05998110.163Save/RestoreMinorConfirmedJan 3, 2019brutforc: highscore screens get trashed after entering initials for highscore/problems with NV initializationhaynor666
 05987220.163GraphicsMinorResolvedJan 3, 2019cottonbm: Ground layer invisible while fighting against 1st bossZosite
 01253140.109GraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 3, 2019topsecrt: There are gray tiles around the title in the original pcb and the bootleg too.Kold666
 0719420.205GraphicsMinorConfirmedJan 3, 2019venom: enemies have some corrupt frames of animation on stage 2Haze
 03645480.136GraphicsMajorResolved (Haze)Jan 2, 2019altbeast6, altbeastj: Background graphic does not appearabelardator2
 03123180.131GraphicsMajorResolvedJan 2, 2019shikigam: In the final boss scene, graphics get broken and unplayable.Fujix
 070052110.198Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Ryan Holtz)Jan 1, 2019worldadv, luplup, poosho (possibly more): DRC malfunction with 36 minutes of emulationD Go Go Fan
 071890.205Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Osso)Dec 30, 2018qb3: Black Screen / Exception after OKTafoid
 0718710.205InterfaceMajorClosedDec 28, 2018vcop: Crosshair doesn't work.VasiliyFamiliya
 071850.205SoundMajorResolved (Ryan Holtz)Dec 26, 2018mario and clones: Missing all audio outside of walking sounds-Misc Reporters-
 0552040.153DIP/InputMinorConfirmedDec 26, 2018bladestl and clones: Trackball input issuesAWJ
 07179140.204Save/RestoreMinorResolved (cuavas)Dec 26, 2018MESS-specific aes: Memory Card doesn't workFabricioCoroquer
 05394260.151GameplayMinorResolvedDec 26, 2018rompers: popmessage appears when running set rompersB2K24
 0049620.81Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedDec 26, 2018hyperath: The game sometimes crashes after you finish an event.-Misc Reporters-
 0710210.201Misc.MinorConfirmedDec 26, 2018colmns97: "SCSP MCIEB enabled ffff, contact MAMEDEV" at SEGA screenNekoEd
 0718210.204Misc.MinorClosedDec 26, 2018[possible] Mame always captures artwork when recording avi outputStHiryu
 065660.185Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Ryan Holtz)Dec 24, 2018MESS-specific All sets in vic20.cpp: Mounting Data 20 Video Pak (videopak) causes exceptionTafoid
 0718020.204Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Robbbert)Dec 24, 2018MESS-specific laser500, laser700: Crash when hard reset doneRobbbert
 0653940.185Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (Phil Bennett)Dec 24, 2018All sets in konamim2.cpp: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: (entry >> m_pageshift) == (taddress >> m_pageshift)Tafoid
 071720.204GameplayMajorResolved (Ryan Holtz)Dec 23, 2018MESS-specific vii + vii software list entries: inputs no longer working in vii or the vii cartridgesHaze
 07131390.202GraphicsMinorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 22, 2018MESS-specific laser500: charset ROM is wrong (and I fixed it)nippur72
 0581910.157DocumentationTypoAcknowledgedDec 22, 2018MESS-specific Double input in Manufacturer tabdemotester
 070220.198DIP/InputMajorResolved (Robbbert)Dec 21, 2018MESS-specific laser500: Some keys are not workingnippur72
 05402220.152GraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 21, 2018orbit: garbage text at the bottom right-side or the screenscoobydude51
 06419140.179GameplayMinorResolvedDec 21, 2018pow: [possible] Enemies fall in front of the screen instead of behind the platformrcoltrane
 04670160.145Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedDec 21, 2018rsgun: freezes at start of stage 2CIaspis
 07116220.202Save/RestoreMajorResolved (galibert)Dec 21, 2018Numerous Drivers: Save State BreakageTafoid
 0527420.148DIP/InputMinorConfirmedDec 20, 2018wits: [possible] can't continue on continue screenD Go Go Fan
 07178150.204GraphicsMinorResolvedDec 20, 2018pitfifght and clones: Sprite priority bugrcoltrane
 0411750.140u1SpeedMajorConfirmedDec 18, 2018mhavocp: [possible] Increasing slowdown in Test ModeTafoid
 05260180.149u1GraphicsMinorResolvedDec 18, 2018demoderb: Cars can not reach the right edgeM.A.S.H.
 0717620.204GameplayMinorConfirmedDec 18, 2018demonwld2, demonwld3: [possible] the game gives you bonus lives everytime you kill a enemy or grab point itemsArcadeGuy
 04129140.140u1SoundMinorResolvedDec 18, 2018wecleman: Voice sample is played randomlyScagazza
 0274640.128u6GraphicsMinorResolvedDec 18, 2018wecleman: [possible] The graphic of the semaphore is wrongScagazza
 03712270.136u2GraphicsMinorConfirmedDec 18, 2018f1gpstr2: Garbled graphics in attract modeM.A.S.H.