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 0731670.209Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (jkm900)May 9, 2019vgmplay: crashes when sliders selectedRobbbert
 073240.209Flip Screen/CocktailMinorConfirmedMay 6, 2019sasuke: Upright mode behaves like cocktailMetalGod
 073230.209GraphicsMinorResolved (galibert)May 6, 2019timesold and clones: Title screen corruptedMC68K
 0731430.209Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (Osso)May 6, 2019mjikaga: Game boots and immediately gets stuck at a white screenOsso
 0732210.209InterfaceMajorClosedMay 6, 2019Crash when full screen and ALT+TabDJX
 0731730.209DIP/InputCritical (emulation)Resolved (pmackinlay)May 5, 2019MESS-specific zorba: keyboard not workingRobbbert
 0731230.209DIP/InputMajorAcknowledgedMay 3, 2019poundfor: X/Y Axxis don't work properlyMetalGod
 0698730.197Known Issues/To-Do'sMinorAcknowledgedMay 3, 2019MESS-specific astrocde and clones: [Enhancement] Best Way to Report Missing Vital Features?ballyalley
 0731120.209Known Issues/To-Do'sMinorAcknowledgedMay 3, 2019marinedt: Incorrect upright modeMetalGod
 07310130.209GraphicsMinorResolved (Robbbert)May 3, 2019route16, route16a, route16c: Missing or shifted map graphicsKekule
 0730940.209Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (AJR)May 3, 2019invrvnge, invrvngegw: watchdog bites a few seconds after starting a gameRobbbert
 0618960.172Misc.MinorResolved (Robbbert)Apr 30, 2019MESS-specific All sets in trs80.cpp: Current disk emu supports only SSSD !demotester
 0725720.207DIP/InputMajorResolvedApr 30, 2019MESS-specific gamegear [popbreak]: "START" from menu won't start gametrj
 0730410.209CoreCritical (emulation)ClosedApr 30, 2019MESS-specific all Macintosh systems: All Macintosh 68k systems are inoperable due to flaws in the 6522 VIA chip emulationstar2root
 073070.209SoundMinorResolved (Osso)Apr 28, 2019MESS-specific snes: Sound issue when autosave is enabledEoceneMiacid
 07299320.205GraphicsMinorClosedApr 26, 2019metamrph, metamrphj, metamrphu, metamrpha, metamrphe: Bad graphicsabelardator2
 07301220.209Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedApr 26, 2019afighter: Smoke GFX effect having black dotsKale
 0730210.209DIP/InputMajorClosedApr 26, 2019tokyowar: Pedal Inputs Not Recognizedmmarino4
 07295350.208Crash/FreezeMinorConfirmedApr 26, 2019midnrun and clones: Crash when F3 pressedRobbbert
 0713720.202Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedApr 25, 2019MESS-specific coco3, coco3h: Artifact/color set switching using the F1 key not working correctly.star2root
 0729620.209Media SupportMajorResolved (AJR)Apr 25, 2019MESS-specific neocdz: cannot recognise disks, so unable to play any gameRobbbert
 07242190.207Crash/FreezeMinorResolvedApr 24, 2019sf2049: Strange freeze in attract modePepsiBoy428
 072970.209DIP/InputMajorResolved (AJR)Apr 24, 2019aquajet, dirtdash, tokyowar: Namco SS22 analog controls unresponsivehap
 06228220.174GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 24, 2019MESS-specific megadriv [comix] genesis [comixu]: Comix Zone Title ScreenMJY71
 07292220.208GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 23, 2019MESS-specific pce [popful]: Bad graphics during intro sequenceshoegazer
 072940.208GraphicsMajorConfirmedApr 23, 2019MESS-specific pce [holmes2, holmes2j]: Bad graphics during FMV sequencesshoegazer
 072930.208GraphicsMajorConfirmedApr 23, 2019MESS-specific pce [holmes, holmesj]: Bad graphics during FMV sequencesshoegazer
 01065140.113u3SoundMinorResolved (couriersud)Apr 23, 2019monymony: Some bugs of sound.Kold666
 03679140.136u1SoundMinorResolved (couriersud)Apr 23, 2019mario + clones using discrete audio: Walking/Running sound is incorrectly filtered-Misc Reporters-
 0624220.174GraphicsMinorResolved (Duke)Apr 23, 2019MESS-specific cgenie [labyfear]: Missing graphics on labyrinth map!demotester
 0516920.148u1InterfaceMajorClosedApr 23, 2019MESS-specific coco12.cpp: The user selected slot device is ignored in recent svn sets. starting about svn 21000 latest test 21596Robert Gault
 0683220.193Misc.Critical (emulator)Resolved (Pernod)Apr 23, 2019MESS-specific All dragon.cpp sets: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow with -cart dospls49Firewave
 0729110.208GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 22, 2019MESS-specific pce [lodoss]: Bad graphics near end of intro sequence after choosing "Start" at the title screenshoegazer
 072900.208GameplayCritical (emulation)ConfirmedApr 22, 2019MESS-specific pce [gulliver]: FMV lacks sound, game locks up during FMV sequenceshoegazer
 0728630.202Media SupportMinorResolved (AmatCoder)Apr 22, 2019MESS-specific spectrum and clones: Loading Sabre Wulf from a TZX cassette image failsmahlemiut
 0529120.149u1SoundMajorResolved (Pernod)Apr 22, 2019MESS-specific All drivers in coco.c: ORC90 emulation has no sound outputRobert Gault
 0728120.208DIP/InputMinorResolved (Robbbert)Apr 21, 2019MESS-specific pc1401, pc1402: Incorrect and Duplicate InputsMr. Do
 072850.208GraphicsTrivialResolvedApr 20, 2019MESS-specific megadriv [tf4]: BTANB: Garbage line at the right border in last stage 9StHiryu
 0728220.208Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (AJR)Apr 20, 2019MESS-specific alphatro: After "width 80" entered, MAME freezesRobbbert
 0728310.208InterfaceMinorClosedApr 20, 2019MESS-specific alto2: blank white screenRobbbert
 0728410.208Crash/FreezeMajorClosedApr 20, 2019MESS-specific dc and clones: crashes at start with unhandled exception (32-bit only)Robbbert
 0727560.208CoreMinorResolved (hap)Apr 20, 2019Weird pacing issue on WindowsKeade
 07280120.208GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 20, 2019MESS-specific megadriv [galahad]: Bottom graphics corruptedArcadeShadow
 02701180.128u4CoreTrivialResolved (hap)Apr 13, 2019z80.c: SCF CCF X and Y flagshap
 07279100.208Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (Edstrom)Apr 13, 2019MESS-specific cpc6128: Fatal error when loading some disk imagesStHiryu
 069222120.194Save/RestoreMinorClosedApr 10, 2019ogonsiro: INP playback failurercoltrane
 03137130.131GraphicsMinorConfirmedApr 10, 2019tunhunt: [possible] Line of garbage on top of the screenLuigi30
 0118110.36b11GameplayMinorConfirmedApr 10, 2019cischeat: [possible] You can accelerate the car even it is flipped.SportsDude
 0725520.207Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (enik2)Apr 10, 2019MESS-specific gamegear [ecco]: Gamegear ROM Ecco loads directly to pink screentrj
 07072110.200Known Issues/To-Do'sMinorResolved (Ryan Holtz)Apr 9, 2019MESS-specific astrocde and clones: [Enhancement] 2000-Baud "AstroBASIC" Tape I/O Support Missingballyalley
 0687870.194GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 9, 2019wh1: [possible] Incorrect movement of the car with the jailed lion at Janne's stage.StHiryu
 05227150.149GameplayMinorAcknowledgedApr 9, 2019Hangon Conversion Sets (shangonro, shangonho, shangonrb): gameplay skips or jumps some framessea7
 06102840.168DocumentationTypoAcknowledgedApr 8, 2019cybsledj: [possible] Cyber Sled (Japan) does not show japanese textsjy96525
 0537420.151DIP/InputTrivialConfirmedApr 7, 2019lockon, lockonc: Bookkeeping says Credits A, B & C have a credit in it but i did not actually did soscoobydude51
 072780.208SoundMinorAcknowledgedApr 6, 2019all sets in zr107.cpp: No sound scalingHydreigon
 05944150.162SoundMinorResolvedApr 6, 2019mk and clones: when you make scorpion's or sonya fatality the scream dont play to the finish and the skull falls down stoping the soundAlex7
 07273230.208Media SupportMinorClosedApr 6, 2019MESS-specific psj, psu, pse, psa: Memory card max size is 10 blocks instead of 15Kale
 0727710.208GameplayMajorClosedApr 6, 2019leprechn and clones: Music issueDullaron
 0313030.131GraphicsTypoResolved (Duke)Apr 3, 2019ccastles: Visible resolution is incorrectsxevious
 0727410.207SoundMinorAcknowledgedApr 2, 2019MESS-specific maciici: Sound breaks/disappears when played several channels at once.Hirudov
 07267410.207GraphicsMinorClosedApr 1, 2019MESS-specific tophuntr: ~8px wide/high GFX strips falling out.VasiliyFamiliya
 0727210.208DocumentationTypoResolved (Tafoid)Mar 30, 2019MESS-specific jak_spdmo: In the description the letter "W" is missing in the word "hardware".AntoPISA
 072700.208Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (hap)Mar 29, 2019sf2ceea: Debugger crashes when accessing memory under certain conditionsdiplo
 072680.207DIP/InputMinorConfirmedMar 27, 2019Dipswitch/machineconfig menu doesn't update on outside changehap
 072650.207DIP/InputMinorResolved (chaneman)Mar 27, 2019tsamuraih: Lives DIP selection amount is incorrect.chaneman
 072660.207SoundMinorResolved (Osso)Mar 27, 2019sasuke: Initial game music plays partially or not at all after hitting StartTafoid
 0720930.153Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (Robbbert)Mar 27, 2019MESS-specific dai: Since 0.153, assembler based games are not working anymorewim
 0726340.207GameplayMajorResolved (Robbbert)Mar 27, 2019tenspot: Only half of the games are accessible.chaneman
 0312210.131DIP/InputMinorResolved (Duke)Mar 27, 2019mv4in1, ltcasino, ltcasinn: Service Mode DIP does not workLuigi30
 07264220.207GraphicsMajorClosedMar 24, 2019motoraid, motoraiddx: Calculation/Camera issuesHydreigon
 0708350.201Crash/FreezeMajorClosedMar 23, 2019MESS-specific specpl3e: Certain working disks in older releases won't runStHiryu
 0643970.179DIP/InputMajorResolved (AmatCoder)Mar 23, 2019MESS-specific spec128, specpl3e: In the game Abu Simbel Profanation, the character keeps jumping all the time after start a gameStHiryu
 0679650.192CompilingMinorResolvedMar 23, 2019MESS-specific spectrum and clones: Unable to compile tinybuild with spectrum included due to microdrive-related errorEoceneMiacid
 0353490.135GameplayMajorResolvedMar 21, 2019daytona: The game is too slow even at 100% speedSentmoraap
 071430.203InterfaceFeatureClosedMar 21, 2019UI: HiDPI and Retina displayillando
 06025140.165GraphicsMinorResolvedMar 21, 2019temptube: Graphics are squeezedjoe35car
 07192250.205InterfaceMinorClosedMar 21, 2019Selected ROM filter not saving at allZX3000GT1
 0661110.185Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (AmatCoder)Mar 21, 2019MESS-specific cpc6128: Can't play the fourth level at "Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo" in disk version, game stucks in a black screenStHiryu
 0692790.196Crash/FreezeMajorResolved (AmatCoder)Mar 20, 2019MESS-specific cpc464, cpc6128: Hundra gets stuck in a black screen after leaving main menuStHiryu
 0726010.207SoundMinorResolved (Osso)Mar 14, 2019topspeed: Top Speed engine sounds are again missing.danylopez123
 0725810.207Original ReferenceTrivialResolved (chaneman)Mar 12, 2019f15se21: Rom names for F-15 Strike Eaglechaneman
 0699260.198DIP/InputMajorResolved (tedgreen)Mar 11, 2019sscope and clones: Analog inputs do not function.Hydreigon
 0725410.207MultisessionCritical (emulator)Resolved (couriersud)Mar 11, 2019NETLIST: Running any machine using netlist components back to back from UI will cause Fatal error-Misc Reporters-
 06423270.179GraphicsMinorResolved (AmatCoder)Mar 9, 2019MESS-specific cpc6128 [terminat]: Graphic corruption at level 3StHiryu
 072451200.207Misc.Critical (emulation)ClosedMar 8, 2019wofj: Works but with black screenArcadeGuy
 0685410.193GraphicsMajorResolved (AmatCoder)Mar 8, 2019MESS-specific cpc6128 [007tld]: Graphic errors in 007 The Living DaylightsICEknight
 06997230.198GraphicsMinorResolved (AmatCoder)Mar 8, 2019MESS-specific cpc6128: Graphic issues in Galactic TombICEknight
 071347310.198Media SupportMajorResolved (AmatCoder)Mar 8, 2019MESS-specific CPC6128: Amstrad CPC6128 Floppy driveKlez
 0725210.207CoreMinorConfirmedMar 7, 2019LISTXML: sourcefile="" for devices sometimes show fullpath information in -lxTafoid
 0725320.207GraphicsMinorClosedMar 7, 2019gradius3, gradius3a, gradius3j, gradius3js: BugID 05382 is back. Titles sequence doesn't run, plus gfx glitches.Kekule
 0548160.152DIP/InputMinorResolvedMar 6, 2019tceptor: Steering input doesn't work properly unless you delete NVRAMAWJ
 0725010.207DIP/InputMinorResolved (chaneman)Mar 6, 2019dunkshot, dunkshota: Unused DIP 1 & DIP 8 are used in this game.chaneman
 0725120.207DocumentationTrivialResolved (chaneman)Mar 6, 2019brkthru: Undocumented Test Modechaneman
 0710450.201DIP/InputMinorResolved (Osso)Mar 2, 2019bbh, bbhsc, bbhsca, bbh2sp, bbh2spa, bbh2spb: Targeting is offmmarino4
 0724430.207Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (Tafoid)Mar 1, 2019turrett: No longer boots to playableTafoid
 0724610.207Color/PaletteMinorClosedMar 1, 2019Enigma II (Game Plan Zilec Electronics License)chaneman
 053621110.151DIP/InputMinorClosedFeb 28, 2019shtngmste: Strange random crosshair movement when triple buffering enabledjonuk76
 041722120.141GameplayMajorAcknowledgedFeb 27, 2019All set in hvyunit.c: Enemies stop appearing during Stage 5-2.DRG
 06123110.169Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (SailorSat)Feb 27, 2019vr: If running in linked mode, coining up may crash the emulationSailorSat
 04845160.145u8SoundMinorClosedFeb 26, 2019lsasquad, storming: samples are repeating all the time, sound clipping?haynor666