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 0171120.124u3Cheat SystemCritical (emulator)ResolvedApr 24, 2008m4conn4, m4met0, m4tst2, m4utst, bctvidbs: Using -CHEAT trigger causes a crashTafoid
 0158830.123u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 24, 2008timecrisa, timecris: MAME simply quits after pressing F3 in both sets, game cannot be runnedhaynor666
 017330.124u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008diehard: Game fails to startMachone
 0171010.124u3DIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008spacetrk, spacetrkc: Cannot insert coins in both setshaynor666
 0172150.124u3DIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008sspaceat, sspaceat2, sspaceat3, sspaceatc: Problems with inserting coins.haynor666
 0174010.124u3DIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008carnival, headon, heiankyo, pulsar, samurai, tranqgun: Is not possible to insert any coin.Scuore
 0172420.124u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008garou, garouo: Can't start the gameemuman
 017320.124u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008kof99, kof99h, kof99e: Game doesn't startMachone
 0174210.124u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)Resolved (aaron)Apr 24, 2008punchout, armwrest + many vsnes.c and playch10.c games: Refreshspeed causes fatal exception in punchoutMKChamp
 00182130.116u4Color/PaletteMinorResolvedApr 23, 2008m62.c games: It seems the fix for spelunker 2 screws up all the other M62 games?Stefan Lindberg
 0167010.124u1GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 22, 2008kungfum, kungfumd, spartanx, kungfub, kungfub2: Main character sprite not hidden at end of level.Machone
 01686250.124u1GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 22, 2008ldrun3, ldrun3j: visible area problemrobiza
 01737110.124GraphicsMinorClosedApr 21, 2008duckhunt: Graphic not showing during gameplay.ReyVGM
 01734120.124u3DIP/InputMinorClosedApr 21, 2008joust2: Cannot start a gamepcman
 0024840.37b7GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 20, 2008repulse: Once the player has been shot, a misplaced tile appears on the screen.Frotz
 01145140.101u5GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 20, 2008sonofphx, 99lstwar, 99lstwark, repulse: When you die in the first level, there's a red graphics glitch at the lower left.RansAckeR
 0002320.98u3Misc.TrivialResolvedApr 20, 2008pangpoms: Game name description.Twisty
 00981210.36b16Color/PaletteMinorConfirmedApr 20, 2008astormbl: [possible] At the end sequence of this game, some of the sprites shows wrong colors periodly.Lord Caos
 01723180.124u3Original ReferenceMinorResolvedApr 19, 2008kod: About missing distorsion effect into "The King of Dragons (World 910711)" set.Stefan Lindberg
 01728120.124u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 19, 2008shadfrce, shadfrcej: Game hangs after you enter forest level.haynor666
 0172610.124u3DIP/InputMajorClosedApr 19, 2008nss_skin: Cannot insert coin (disabled all coins slots)haynor666
 0172020.124u3GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 18, 2008spcenctr: There is strange line on the righthaynor666
 0157310.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolvedApr 17, 2008hypreac2, koikois2: Player 1 Start mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 00498130.36b6GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 17, 2008sonofphx, 99lstwar, 99lstwara, 99lstwark, repulse: When the end-level mothership appears in the stage 4, it shows through the trees and scrolls showing through.-Misc Reporters-
 0169190.124aInterfaceMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 17, 2008Various Sets: when exiting a game, seems to be any game I get an eip erroruser247
 0157830.123u6Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 17, 2008windheat: MAME hang up after stering initializehaynor666
 01700120.124u2GraphicsMinorClosedApr 17, 2008sprint4a: Corrupted car objectshaynor666
 01697210.124u2GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 16, 2008sfa3, sfa3b, sfa3u, sfa3ur1: About the blue background in startup screen.Layne
 0077320.119u1SpeedMajorResolvedApr 16, 2008namcos2.c games: Slow down when certain lighting effects are triggered.izius
 0020610.122u7GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 15, 2008ninjakd2: PCB info for Nicolas state.Kold666
 0065740.37b15DIP/InputMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 15, 2008willow: It's not possible to insert coins in Willow during game play, could it be a game bug?Bugfinder
 0169510.124u2Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (smf)Apr 14, 2008ptblank, gunbuletj: Crosshair doesn't moveScagazza
 01694110.124u2GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 13, 2008punisher, punisherj, punisheru: missing graphicrobiza
 0162140.124aInterfaceMinorResolvedApr 13, 2008Poor performance when -mt is used in conjunction with -waitvsync, -triplebuffer, or -syncrefreshMr_Person
 01662120.124u1Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedApr 12, 2008All sets in ksys573.c: Game doesn't start with an hardware error.Fujix
 01682220.124u1GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 12, 2008strider, striderua, striderj: A little black block sometimes appears over the head of Strider during level 2.Layne
 015710.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (stephh)Apr 11, 2008stadhero: Player 1 and Player2 Start are mapped twice.-Misc Reporters-
 0167320.124aGraphicsMajorResolvedApr 11, 2008sfj: Game backgrounds replaced with other imagesTerryn
 0157010.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (stephh)Apr 10, 2008lghost, lghostu: Player 2 Directions mapped as digital and lightgun.-Misc Reporters-
 015670.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (stephh)Apr 10, 2008megazonea, megazoneb, megazonec, megazone, megazonei: P2 button 1 key mapped twice and P2 button 2 missing-Misc Reporters-
 0059240.37b13DIP/InputMinorConfirmedApr 9, 2008othldrby: [possible] When you insert a credit using 5, then you insert another credit using 6, it won't accept it.Thenasty
 0168430.124u1Save/RestoreMinorClosedApr 9, 2008Does not write save states to mapped drivexbskid
 0166860.124aDIP/InputMajorResolvedApr 8, 2008condor, griffon, vautour2: Games' controls are brokenLastNinja2
 0045820.122u7DebuggerMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 7, 2008[debug] NEC CPU debug bugrobiza
 0087220.37b11SoundMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 7, 2008sonson: There is no sound heard when destroying the trio of cloud-hovering "end-of-level" bosses.-Misc Reporters-
 0168520.124u1Misc.MinorResolvedApr 7, 2008ghouls, ghoulsu, daimakai: Different times of execution of the startup between World and USA/Japan versions.Layne
 000290.95u6SoundMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 7, 2008contcirc: Audio emits from one speaker on start up.Twisty
 01609450.124DIP/InputMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 6, 2008Various - tested srmp4 (ssv.c), ttmahjng (route16.c), vsmahjng (vsnes.c), tokkae (konamigx.c), sf2 (cps1.c): INP playback loses sync quicklymahlemiut
 0168310.124u1GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 6, 2008varth, varthj, varthu, varthr1: The grey background on Capcom logo screen is verified on real pcb.Layne
 01680220.124u1GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 6, 2008area88, unsquad: DOT TEST in service mode shows garbage charsnicolasa
 01676340.124u1GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 6, 2008ghouls, ghoulsu, daimakai: At the end of level 3 the red-violet background appears too ahead than the PCBLayne
 016610.124aGraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008rougien: sprite disappearrobiza
 01480390.123u4GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008gyruss, gyrussce, venus: graphic garbage for one framerobiza
 006660.116DocumentationMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008matchit: This game is not working (Information on fixing).robiza
 0058510.116GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008superx: When a sprite gets a negative value the sprite disappear.robiza
 009160.60SoundMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008toki: Missing/wrong sounds for various events.-Misc Reporters-
 002130.116u1GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 6, 2008wb3: The black borders are shifted to the left and you can see the background gfx on the right for few pixels.Kold666
 002790.120GraphicsMajorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008ikki: Many objects (players, enemies etc) always flicker. It happens on 0.112u3.ShimaPong
 0055250.61GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008bldwolf: Down red arrows aren't drawn correctly.Kale
 0064510.37b6GraphicsMinorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008kingofb: Weird sprite priority problems,Bugfinder
 0165250.124GameplayMajorResolved (robiza)Apr 6, 2008rougien: No collisions.Kekule
 0127111N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedApr 6, 2008ghouls: After having unhinged the coffer and defeated the magician in that point of the level 4, if the "our Arthur"...-Misc Reporters-
 012510.109GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 5, 2008topsecrt: There are gray tiles around the title in the original pcb and the bootleg too. It looks very ugly, but it's the right behaviour.Kold666
 01667350.124u1GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 5, 2008mtwins, chikij: A strange bar on top of the continue screen when game is over.Layne
 0076120.120SpeedMajorResolved (couriersud)Apr 4, 2008finalapr: Heavy performance hit.Machone
 003520.111u1DIP/InputTrivialResolved (nicolasa)Apr 4, 2008spaceskr: The cabinet DIP setting is inverted, when you set it upright mode, control is separated for P1 and P2, the scre-Misc Reporters-
 0109920.37b15GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 4, 2008extrmatn: The player disappears if catch the T item.-Misc Reporters-
 01178230.54GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 4, 2008term2: The video sequences that play after destroying Skynet appear as a mirrored image.BSR
 012160.101u5SoundMajorResolvedApr 4, 2008kncljoe: No music.-Misc Reporters-
 0085310.58GameplayMinorResolvedApr 4, 2008hardheadb: When you reach about 900k points, the game resets after a while.Kale
 0058610.74u1GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 4, 2008superx: Graphic glitch.MAMEjong
 008540.37b8GameplayMinorResolvedApr 4, 2008updown: High frameskip level makes you miss flags occasionally.Fujix
 006380.106GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 4, 2008hardyard: Screen shows glitches when first run.-Misc Reporters-
 01659490.124aSoundMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 4, 2008stereo balancing is wrongMamesick
 0162250.124aInterfaceMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 4, 2008-refreshspeed has no effectMr_Person
 01663190.124u1DIP/InputMajorResolved (couriersud)Apr 4, 2008Hat switches not workingMr_Person
 00250420.36b16GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 4, 20083wonders: Various graphic glitches.Frotz
 01650120.124Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)Resolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008ridgerac: Unstable Freezes that ends with Crash and needs totally reboot under XPMock
 0102310.37b8Side-by-sideMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008mooncrst: Side-by-side test.Gary Walton
 00405220.105u1GraphicsMinorResolved (nicolasa)Apr 3, 2008cawing: Text in the attract mode is garbled.-Misc Reporters-
 0120620.71u2Misc.MinorClosedApr 3, 2008wofu: The warning screen is the same as the world version.-Misc Reporters-
 0108120.106u7DIP/InputTrivialClosedApr 3, 2008Various drivers.: Games where inputs are duplicated. (Last update: 0.123u6)-Misc Reporters-
 004470.55Misc.MinorConfirmedApr 3, 2008mooncrgx, mooncrsb, mooncrs2: The demo sequence is way out in left.Fujix
 006250.59GraphicsMinorClosedApr 3, 2008frogg: Sometimes when you die the Galaxian starfield appears in the background.Darkk
 001760.58SoundMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008blkhole, azurian, warofbug, omega: Explosion sound doesn't cut off after you get hit.The tECHIDNA
 01298N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008checkman: Checkman does not seem to have a control for the sliding of the pieces which was in the original game.-Misc Reporters-
 01299N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008smooncrs: This set (unlike the other eight clones) does not make use of the keys for player 2.-Misc Reporters-
 015950.116u3SoundMinorConfirmedApr 3, 2008drivfrcg, drivfrcb: There is no crash sound (it's available but not connected).Robbbert
 01597120.116u3GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008mooncrsb: Corrupt gfx in attract screen and highscore screenRobbbert
 01605120.124GraphicsMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008gteikokb, gteikob2: Wrong screen offsethaynor666
 01599110.123u6GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008omega: Screen is vertically offset.Tafoid
 01602110.123u6GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008luctoday: Messed up graphics. (Screen Offset)M.A.S.H.
 01600210.116u3GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008pacmanbl, batman2: The background is shifted to the right and cut off on the right side.Robbbert
 01473110.123GraphicsMajorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008orbitron: Orbitron graphics not correctly displayedLastNinja2
 01454120.123GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008mshuttle, mshuttlej, mshuttlej2: The display of the screen is shifted.paulmuaddib
 003000.122u4GraphicsMinorResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008zigzag, zigzag2: in cocktail mode player 2 screen is shift over to the right.-Misc Reporters-
 015630.106u7DIP/InputTrivialResolved (aaron)Apr 3, 2008gmgalax: Duplicated Inputs-Misc Reporters-
 006260.58SoundMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008kingballj, kingball: Sound corruptionThe tECHIDNA
 0044630.71u2GraphicsMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008kingball: The shots and part of the walls are shaking left-right.-Misc Reporters-
 0156030.123u6DIP/InputMinorResolvedApr 3, 2008turpin: Cannot coin up in either slot.Tafoid