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 0106810.37b14Misc.TypoResolvedFeb 14, 2008cubybop: There are many things in Cuby Bop that make the game seem like it's a prototype.The tECHIDNA
 0097310.68GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008mrkougar: The edges of the platforms are drawn incorrectly in MAME.-Misc Reporters-
 0095860.65GameplayMinorAcknowledgedFeb 14, 2008kovplus: You can't pick up the fire sword after 10 times in the second mission with the character "ZhuGeLiang".-Misc Reporters-
 0095510.107u3GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008tceptor: If you insert a credit on the instruction screen, you'd see some 'leftovers'.F1ReB4LL
 0090610.79GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008thunderx: While playing a single player game with the 2-player ship (the red ship), your score is criss-crossed.Mr. Do
 0089110.96u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008btlkroad: There are minor priority issues.Iaspis
 0088310.55GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008vsskykid: syncronization problems.Kale
 0087310.104u1GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008nratechu: If you shoot a ball, you'll see that there are two sprites on Player 1 seemed to be cut from the top.king_krm
 0086230.58GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008extdwnhl: The time list screen is not cleared correctly.Smitdogg
 0085520.101u2GraphicsMajorResolvedFeb 14, 2008astormbl: Currently the graphics on this game are heavily garbled.-Misc Reporters-
 0084710.108u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedFeb 14, 2008wintbob: Automatic reset in levels 31, 32 and so on when grey lion shot first fireball.-Misc Reporters-
 0084610.105u4SoundMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008ftsoccer: The music tempo is slow in MAME compared with OSD.Fujix
 0084520.37b6GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008skychut: Level 2 is definitely broken.-Misc Reporters-
 0083910.117GraphicsMajorResolvedFeb 14, 2008astorm3, eswatu, fantzone, shdancer, shinobi: Using Tilemap viewer causes graphic corruption.Yonah
 0083310.118SoundMajorResolvedFeb 14, 2008sbrkout: No SoundScagazza
 0081610.122u5GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008bchopper: In the second stage, when the screen is invisible and when the screen scroll up, the status bar appear twice.robiza
 0078610.74u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008othunder: The background layers above the status indicators seem to be offset to the left.Nerox91
 0075520.83GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008moo: Graphic glitch in the attract mode.Thenasty
 0074210.35b9GraphicsMajorResolvedFeb 14, 2008armwrest: Subsequent bonus rounds (After rounds 5 and 9) are unplayable because of missing money bag sprite.-Misc Reporters-
 0073610.101u2SoundMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008omegrace, deltrace: The Omega race sound is pitched too high.-Misc Reporters-
 0073210.114GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008darius2: Missiles by a particular enemy appear invisible onscreen.-Misc Reporters-
 0073110.116DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 14, 2008cmv801: DIP switch info.-Misc Reporters-
 0072810.96u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008neocup98: Graphic issues when "Chance" is shot while lit.Iaspis
 0070210.102GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008mnight: The end of level screen: time bonus counter is overlapping letters.Kekule
 0069810.63GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008totcarn: If the game is reset, the in-game graphics are broken.-Misc Reporters-
 0069310.60GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008revx: After finishing a level, most graphics are missing.Nerox91
 0069210.37b5Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008umk3: Palette corruption issuesMC68K
 0069120.59Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008umk3: Palette corruption after unlocking hidden characters.-Misc Reporters-
 0068410.104u1Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008mp_sonic: Water color in Green Hill Zone incorrect.-Misc Reporters-
 0068320.122u4Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedFeb 14, 2008megaplay.c: All megaplay.c drivers crash with "-bios 1".Firewave
 0067310.110u1GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008mario: There is an extra space between the platform and objects in MAME.BSR
 0067010.36rc2GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008mysticri: Sprite Priority problemsLord Caos
 0066710.116u1GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008matchit2: When you have to insert the high score, your score is lost; you can only rewrite the name in the postion you have reached.robiza
 0066410.111DocumentationMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008ltcasino: I believe there was no Little Casino 2, but only Little Casino.gregf
 0066320.74u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008liberate: Graphics when you destroy a blue enemy plane are sometimes messed up.NekoEd
 0064310.119GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008jrpacman: Sprites are not clipped properly.-Misc Reporters-
 0062410.114u2DIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008ckongg: Player 2 (cocktail) is an 8-way, while player 1 is a 4-way.-Misc Reporters-
 0062010.58GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008flkatck: In cocktail mode, the score panel isn't repositioned for player 2.-Misc Reporters-
 0061910.37b5GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008topsecex: Problem with scrolling at the bottom of the screen.YMI
 0060310.114u2DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 14, 2008rampage: Player 3 is a 4-way joystick, while players 1-2 are 8-ways.-Misc Reporters-
 0058410.37b6GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008lastday: In the 1st round, tanks tend to ride on top of the girders/overpasses?Jonemaan
 0058310.37b6GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008bluehawk: When tanks emerge from buildings, they appear on top of the buildings.Jonemaan
 0057210.71GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008wallst: the tank graphics are very glitchy.Pika163
 0057110.96u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008spacefrt: The enemy space ship has a blinking white square block.Thenasty
 0056810.115u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 20089ballsht: There are vertical lines everywhere.russ h.
 0056520.106u3DIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008robocop2: Robocop2 PCB has a 3rd physical DIP switches bank that's missing in the driver.Roberto Fresca
 0056210.36b1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008wotw: Initial entry screen is clipped on right side.MC68K
 0056110.114u4Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008draco, altair, destryer: The colours are darker than in the original game.-Misc Reporters-
 0055610.118GraphicsMajorResolvedFeb 14, 2008boogwing: The Data East logo on the attract mode and background in the Transporter stage are broken.-Misc Reporters-
 0054610.115u2InterfaceMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008seawolf2: Crosshairs aren't visible on screen.Mr. Do
 0054510.115u4GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008profpac: The top and left of the screen are cut off.russ h.
 0054110.118u1InterfaceMajorResolvedFeb 14, 2008In DirectDraw and GDI mode, transparency isn't respected.-Misc Reporters-
 0052620.37b16GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008gakusai: The in-game scrolling effects display corrupt graphics until the scroll is finished.-Misc Reporters-
 0049710.37b4SoundMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008flashgal: If you die, sometimes sounds will play.Jonemaan
 0045310.104u7GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008fantsy95: At the bottom of the screen there's a graphics glitch under the 1995 part.Heihachi_73
 0032710.102u5GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 14, 2008blstroid: At the end of the stage 3, it is missing an effect the queens head is moving left to right then back again-Misc Reporters-
 0031610.105u4GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008galhustl: During a game, when you aim your cursor into any pocket, one of the little circles will appear up in the top left.-Misc Reporters-
 0028310.102u5DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 14, 2008finalizr: 1st & 2nd Unknown are Difficulty, 3rd is Service Mode and 4th is unused.ShimaPong
 0027110.69u3GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008spacecr: [possible] During the game's takeoff intro, the graphics from the bottom overlap to the top of the screen.Karasu
 0023810.114Original ReferenceMinorConfirmedFeb 14, 2008rollace: Roller Ace PCB sound recording.Kold666
 0022110.110u2Misc.MajorClosedFeb 14, 2008skybump: I was playing this game when my airplane got blocked in a wall without dying. I had to reset the game.Kold666
 0018020.101GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 13, 2008btoads: Some graphic bugs. Comparison with PCB.Stefan Lindberg
 0013110.117u2SoundMinorResolvedFeb 13, 2008mtrap: PCB has some differences from current sound emulation.Tafoid
 0011030.56GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 13, 2008gakusai: There are several graphics glitches throuout the game.Karasu
 0010510.37b16DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008wwfwfesta: There are no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th player coinslots.Karasu
 0007810.104u2GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 13, 2008tshingen: Graphics priority problem.-Misc Reporters-
 0004610.122Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedFeb 13, 2008radarscp: Freeze at the game start.Tafoid
 0003410.109u2GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 13, 2008warriorb: The screen is off as it seem in this release.Twisty
 0003110.105u2GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 13, 2008jumpkids: [possible] If the game is run in EASY mode, there appear 2 different bugs.Twisty
 008200.122u8DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008plegends, plegendsj, pwrinst2, pwrinst2j: Missing P1 button 4.-Misc Reporters-
 000090.105u4DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008goldbug: Duplicated coin 2 input and cocktail mode support.-Misc Reporters-
 005330.111u2DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008mjifb: Unknown DIP switches info.-Misc Reporters-
 005320.120u3DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008mjdialq2: DIP swtich info.mahjongfan
 004820.120u3DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008mcnpshnt: DIP switch info.mahjongfan
 004740.121u3DIP/InputTrivialResolvedFeb 13, 2008jantouki: Fixes for DIP switches.mahjongfan
 009050.79GraphicsMinorResolved (Haze)Feb 13, 2008gridiron: Displays graphic anomolies during play.-Misc Reporters-
 012130.77GameplayMinorAcknowledgedFeb 12, 2008dday: Once the score exceeds 98,000 points, you start receiving extra lives at an extremely rapid rate.-Misc Reporters-
 011950.74GameplayMinorConfirmedFeb 12, 2008shootbul: [possible] Locks up then reset itself if you spin the trackball backwards when it's your turn.NekoEd
 011930.62Misc.MinorConfirmedFeb 12, 2008orlegend: [possible] You never see your score in the hi score table-Misc Reporters-
 000660.111u4InterfaceMinorResolvedFeb 11, 2008[debug] Debug build interface error.Firewave
 011270.68SoundMinorConfirmedFeb 11, 2008toffy, stoffy: [possible] In both games, when you first insert a coin, there is no sound.Pi
 006860.119u3Misc.MinorResolvedFeb 10, 2008viper.c, gaelco3d.c: [debug] Memory LeaksFirewave
 006870.111u6Misc.MinorResolvedFeb 10, 2008model3.c, cps3.c, cd32.c: [debug] Memory LeaksFirewave
 000670.122u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedFeb 9, 2008sfiii: Two hard resets to crash.Firewave
 008290.122u5InterfaceMinorResolvedFeb 9, 2008-switchres not working.-Misc Reporters-
 010820.36b16DIP/InputTrivialConfirmedFeb 9, 2008baluba: [possible] Cabinet DIP setting and players input.TriggerFin
 010690.57DIP/InputTypoAcknowledgedFeb 9, 2008taito_f3.c all sets: The types of cabinets and their related inputs.stephh
 010500.122Original ReferenceTrivialConfirmedFeb 8, 2008checkmat: Dip and Rom info.gregf
 010510.56Original ReferenceTrivialConfirmedFeb 8, 2008pacmod, pacgal, piranha: Some notes about pacman.c.dwidel
 009320.118u5Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedFeb 8, 2008New dev tools with Hyperstone core: In a standard compile with the new tools ALL hyperstone games crash on startup.Haze
 007250.78u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 8, 2008bstars: "HOMERUN" should be cleared from the screen during the celebration.Haze
 006770.102GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 8, 2008tapper: Graphic glitches at top of play screen.Haze
 010470.109Misc.FeatureClosedFeb 8, 2008couple, spacedx, buckrog: Same name roms with different CRCFujix
 010330.119u3Side-by-sideMinorConfirmedFeb 8, 2008targ, spectar: Side-by-side test.-Misc Reporters-
 010310.37b16Side-by-sideMinorConfirmedFeb 8, 2008wiping: "Wiping" (Nichibutsu) side-by-side test (37B16 update).Gary Walton
 008230.60Misc.TypoConfirmedFeb 8, 2008mspacmab: Number of maximum level.dwidel
 009860.59GraphicsMinorConfirmedFeb 8, 2008blocken: Regardless of the course chosen, in the first intermission there's no road on the map.Kale
 007090.107u3DocumentationTrivialResolvedFeb 7, 2008hayaosi1: Incorrect gamename for this set.J.J.Boy
 006650.115u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 7, 2008loht, hharry, bchopper, cosmccop: Score and other status infos are missing.robiza
 007000.115GraphicsMajorResolvedFeb 7, 2008missile: Graphics are corrupted.john_iv