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 01378N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008rbisland: C-chip and secret room issue.-Misc Reporters-
 013760.117u2SpeedMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008zookeep: Is 75Hz Vsync correct?-Misc Reporters-
 0137410.37b16GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008wbeachvl: In Japan stage, 3 volleyball fans are wearing invisible shorts.-Misc Reporters-
 01373N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pushman: Appears to have 2 player support but player 2's game seems inaccessible.-Misc Reporters-
 01367N/AColor/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacman: Sometimes the colours on the first level appear incorrect until you either die or finish the level.-Misc Reporters-
 01368N/ASpeedMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacman: Your character in the game moves too slow; in the arcade you go much faster.-Misc Reporters-
 01369N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacman, superpac: In the intro, when the ghosts appear from right to left, there's a little hiccup.-Misc Reporters-
 01370N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pacplus: Sometimes one of the ghosts doesn't turn blue when you eat an energizer.-Misc Reporters-
 01371N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008phoenixa, phoenixc, phoenixt, phoenix3: Score suddenly increases by 200,000 points for no apparent reason.-Misc Reporters-
 01366N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacpls: The prizes go through the walls.-Misc Reporters-
 01365N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008pacland, paclandj, paclando, paclando2, paclandm: The background layers on trip 19 appear to be out of order.-Misc Reporters-
 01363N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008ninjaw: This is a freeze input *deliberately* hooked up, it is not a bug. Possibly it would make sense to map as a DIP but that is a MAM-Misc Reporters-
 013622N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008whp: Some glitches with the finish screen, minor grafics glitches in lower right corner.-Misc Reporters-
 01361N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008sengoku: When you play as the dog, there are certain enemies you cannot hurt with your basic claw attack at all.-Misc Reporters-
 01360N/ADIP/InputMinorClosedFeb 20, 2008ragnagrd, stakwin2: When you set the Territory DIP to USA, Player 2 cannot play/inputs do nothing.-Misc Reporters-
 013590.58SoundMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008nitd: Start the game and insert a coin. The music will begin. When the timer gets to Note: 00022, it stops.-Misc Reporters-
 01358N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008ncommand: Glitches/flickering at top of screen expecially during intro near the game logo.Mamesick
 0135720.120u2GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008shocktr2: Glitches/flickering in the intro at top of screen (snap) and during game.Mamesick
 0135610.120u4GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008mslug2: In first level on high side of the screen graphics glitches are present.Layne
 0135510.116u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008matrim: Defeat Lynn with Shintaro, and the quote exchange after the fight will be missing a part of the word bubble.-Misc Reporters-
 01354N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008kof98, breakrev, neocup98, realbout2: If you insert a coin on the "Some winners don't use drugs" screen, will use the neogeo bios s1 tileset, not the game ones.-Misc Reporters-
 01353N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008kof2000: If you have Mai on your team, and stand still with her, your opponent will stand still too.-Misc Reporters-
 012340.123u1InterfaceMajorResolvedFeb 20, 2008When attempting to play back recording, getting a fatal error.-Misc Reporters-
 0123510.123u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008pooyan: The triple digit points awarded from hitting enemies now have garbage behind them - possibly other digits?Twisty
 01352N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008fatfury3: Gritch of the ending with the English BIOS.Karasu
 0135120.64GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008exvania: At the end of a gameplay, a box in the upper-left of the screen appears.Luja
 013500.104u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008rthunder: Graphic glich of the door.-Misc Reporters-
 01349N/AGameplayMinorClosedFeb 20, 2008rthunder: In the arcade you could crouch and then switch directions while crouching without standing back up.-Misc Reporters-
 01347N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008dirtfoxj: Your place in the race never changes from 1/1.-Misc Reporters-
 013460.117u3SoundMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008tektagt: When you defeat Wang, he uses his hurt sound rather than his normal KO yell.Heihachi_73
 01344N/ADIP/InputMajorResolvedFeb 20, 2008clowns: Blank screen by changing the coinage dip.gregf
 01343N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008MSM5205 sound emulation: The screams in some games uses this chip and the sound is extremely distorted.-Misc Reporters-
 01342N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008mrdu: Diamonds give an absurd number of credits and appears very seldom compared to the parent.-Misc Reporters-
 01341N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008momoko: You go DOWN on an "invisible" escalator!-Misc Reporters-
 013390.116u2GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008smashtv: There is often an invisible wall preventing you from reaching the edges of the screen.-Misc Reporters-
 013381N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mk3, umk3: Some backgrounds have problems when the screen fades.-Misc Reporters-
 013371N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008umk3: On Kitana's profile screen, she has a black line under her eye.-Misc Reporters-
 013361N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008umk3: On Reptile's profile screen, he looks like he has a "hole" in his hand.-Misc Reporters-
 013352N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008umk3: In the cave level, there's a few tiles missing in the background.-Misc Reporters-
 01333N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mk3, umk3: If Kabal is sweeped and that sweep is the last attack, he lies down in the wrong frame.-Misc Reporters-
 01332N/ACrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedFeb 19, 2008mk3: When in the test menu, if you enter the hardware info section you will not be able to exit.-Misc Reporters-
 01331N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mk2: when you insert a coin during the attract mode the sound doesn't play.-Misc Reporters-
 013301N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mk2: In the battle plan screen, the bottom 1/16th of the furthest background layer is missing-Misc Reporters-
 01329N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mk2: If you let attract mode run through 3 complete times. there will be no sound on the 4th and after.-Misc Reporters-
 013281N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008tron: During the tank stage, a square sprite appears on the far right on the top.-Misc Reporters-
 01326N/ADIP/InputMinorResolved (stephh)Feb 19, 2008madcrash: The extra lives don't fit the "Bonus Life" Dip Switch when you set the "Occurence" Dip Switch to "1st, 2nd then every 2nd".-Misc Reporters-
 0132510.58SoundMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mario: The "run" sample doesn't play in on the 1st instructional pre-stage screen.Smitdogg
 01324N/ACrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedFeb 19, 2008masao: The mario bootleg masao locks up at the start of Phase 16.-Misc Reporters-
 01323N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mario: A strange line is present in attract mode when "mario bros" scroll down.robiza
 0132220.60Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mario: On the 4th bonus stage, if you hit the floor, while the floors are fading out, a wrong picture is drawn.-Misc Reporters-
 01321N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008hook: There are some invisable barrels in the first couple of levels, you can break them but not see them.-Misc Reporters-
 0132020.55GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008nspirit: On stage 2 where the forest meets the bridge it seems as if there's a tree missing.-Misc Reporters-
 01318N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008kungfum, kungfumd, kungfub, kungfub2, spartanx: There are problems when you're trying to jump in diagonals.-Misc Reporters-
 01317N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008wseries, basebal2, dblplay, strkzone: The controls for these 4 games, while admittedly hard to emulate properly, are either wrong or just confusing.-Misc Reporters-
 01316N/ASpeedMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008offroad, offroadt: Gameplay seems a little bit slow, and it's not because of my computer. Note the clock speed.-Misc Reporters-
 01315N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008klax: Sound in attract mode doesn't work, with or without the option enabled in service mode.-Misc Reporters-
 0131410.106u5GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008klax: Go into the service mode, in the alphanumeric test, if you flip stamps, the large yellow and red letters are messed up.-Misc Reporters-
 013131N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008kinst: It seems that part of Jago's stage background is missing.-Misc Reporters-
 013121N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008kinst: if the player on the right side of the screen wanders close to the edge, that characters gfx will "loop" over to the other side.-Misc Reporters-
 0131120.81GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mgcrystl: There are sprite priority issues which happen when the main characters are behind a wall.-Misc Reporters-
 01310N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008jrpacman: On the second level, sometimes a ghost or two will get trapped in the upper left-hand corner.-Misc Reporters-
 013090.115u3GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008sstrike: All Game Modes. When the frame starts, you should be shown the bowling ball to set up your shot.Tafoid
 01308N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008shufshot: May seem impossible to shoot a decent shot.-Misc Reporters-
 01307N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008wcbowl, wcbowl161, wcbowl165: The WCB 1.6x versions fail the GROM test in service mode. The 1.2 version tests fine.-Misc Reporters-
 0130610.102u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008drgnwrld: A glitch on the title screen 1997 the 7 is not like that on the original pcb.-Misc Reporters-
 013040.105u1Misc.MinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008mplanets: When you fire up Mad Planets (mplanets) for the first time, it starts with 2 credits-Misc Reporters-
 013030.102u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008drgnwrld: Garbled girl graphics appears when you clear a round with the landscape dip setting.hammad
 013021N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008gng: I don't think that this pic is OK. The monster on the upper right is not on the right place.-Misc Reporters-
 0130110.97u4GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 19, 2008ghouls: No ladder graphics.Kold666
 01300N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008fantsia2: When you insert your first coin just after startup the sample "Let's play" is cut and/or not played back at all.-Misc Reporters-
 0129730.59Misc.MinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008bosco: After I got four million points, the high score counter was not getting updated.-Misc Reporters-
 01294N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008firetrk: Service mode is completely scrambled.-Misc Reporters-
 01293N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008venture: Sometimes the arrows pass through the monsters without killing them.-Misc Reporters-
 01291N/AGraphicsMinorClosedFeb 18, 2008pepper2: The mazes start to blank out around the time it takes me to complete one screen. MAME they don't blankout till much later.-Misc Reporters-
 01290N/ASpeedMinorClosedFeb 18, 2008pepper2: MAME plays Pepper II about twice as fast as the arcade.-Misc Reporters-
 012871N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008egghunt: The ending has some gfx issueReip
 012850.37b15Misc.MinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008logicpro, logicpr2: Service mode bugs.Chook
 009180.118u2MultisessionMajorResolvedFeb 18, 2008UI and namcos1.c problem: Restarting same game in built-in UI casues graphic problems.-Misc Reporters-
 012830.60GameplayMinorClosedFeb 18, 2008ddragon: Barrels can be kicked by pressing the kick button. However, the barrels doesn't get kicked if you hold the button down,-Misc Reporters-
 01282N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008dday: The lives dip switch appears to be labeled incorrectly.-Misc Reporters-
 012811N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008hunchbak: If you turn while jumping, hunchback will be garbled.-Misc Reporters-
 01280N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 18, 2008hunchbak: When you get to the second level, you can't jump on to the rope the way you normally would in e.g. Pitfall.-Misc Reporters-
 01279N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008msh: Sprite masking problem when you jump too high.-Misc Reporters-
 012781N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008willow: When you are fighting against the level one boss, everytime you shoot, the enemy flashes with strange colors.-Misc Reporters-
 01277N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008strider: The bonus-Life DIPSW isn't well mapped.-Misc Reporters-
 012761N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008strider: When you fight Grand Master (final boss), near the world there are some squares darker than others.-Misc Reporters-
 012751N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008strider: In service mode the unused 3rd start button is positioned to on. It should be off.-Misc Reporters-
 0127430.56GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008strider: In the final-boss scene, you can see that the bottom-right piece of the world is a little too far to the left.-Misc Reporters-
 0127210.105u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008kod: Glitch on the boss life bar.-Misc Reporters-
 012700.96u2GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008ffight: During the test, there is gfx garbage.Kold666
 012681N/AColor/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008cawing: When you insert a credit during the first 2 screens, credit appears in wrong colors.-Misc Reporters-
 01267N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008contra: It seems the second player cannot continue until the first player needs to continue also.-Misc Reporters-
 012660.62Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedFeb 17, 2008area51, maxforce: area51 crashes when you reset it.Luigi30
 01265N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008stoneage: During level 3-b, the game jumps to level 4 when arrived at the boss without fighting him.-Misc Reporters-
 01264N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008citycon: When reaching 900,000 points the game "awards" you with infinite lives.-Misc Reporters-
 01263N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008starcas: When the main castle gun fires his cannon, it triggers the player's ship fire sound at the same time.-Misc Reporters-
 01262N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008silvland: Silver Land shouldn't be a clone of River Patrol.-Misc Reporters-
 01261N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008ccastles, ccastles2: Start buttons don't work unless the game is in cocktail mode.-Misc Reporters-
 01260N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008cbuster: The title logo gets splitted into three parts.-Misc Reporters-
 0125910.53GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 17, 2008sailormn: On level 3's boss, when you use your special attack, the priority is wrong.-Misc Reporters-