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 014580.123u3SoundTrivialResolvedMar 6, 2008willow, willowj, willowje: The coin sound is cut the first time you insert a coin.Kold666
 0145730.123u3Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ClosedMar 3, 2008all nes-based games: Crash on startup.Fujix
 01401N/AGraphicsMinorClosedMar 3, 2008ninjak: When you got the TIMER STOP, all the background graphics became black.-Misc Reporters-
 0041510.99u2GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008lottof2: "Insert Coin" text on the title screen gets clipped.Reip
 010240.56Side-by-sideMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008term2: Side-by-side pcb test.dwidel
 007530.55Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedMar 2, 2008narc: Black out in the test mode.-Misc Reporters-
 0051710.74GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008journey: If you activate the in game credits described in the history.dat, the graphics are bad.BSR
 002750.101u5GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008strkforc: [possible] In the test menu the RGB screens flicker on the upper side.RansAckeR
 002740.102GraphicsMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008jdreddp: [possible] When you enter the lift in the sewers the lift has no floor.RansAckeR
 002730.102Misc.MinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008jdreddp: [possible] When you insert a coin in attract mode the upper line flickers and sometimes the last letters of "creRansAckeR
 007890.121u4DIP/InputMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008area51, policetr: [possible] Aiming cursor not calibrating well.john_iv
 002540.36b14SoundMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008enduror1, enduror1d, endurobl: When the DIP "demo sounds" is on and a coin is inserted during attract mode, the motor sound hangs aFrotz
 012110.54Misc.TrivialConfirmedMar 2, 2008gaunt2: [possible] Banishing depression.-Misc Reporters-
 012030.56SoundMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008mk, mkr4: [possible] Low punch and low kick Diagnostic/Switch Tests for both players result in sound but no graphic indication.-Misc Reporters-
 00202110.106u11SoundMinorConfirmedMar 2, 2008dbreed, rtype2: Samples play too slowly.Stefan Lindberg
 01451210.123u3GraphicsMinorResolvedMar 1, 2008bonzeadv and clones: On the "GAME OVER" screen, there is a 8 bytes wide black border.stephh
 0108810.123InterfaceTrivialClosedMar 1, 2008mario: Discrete volume also controls DAC volume.Tron1001
 0104610.113u2Original ReferenceMinorConfirmedFeb 29, 2008trvwz2, trvwzv, trvwzh: Reference images copied from auction.gregf
 0008830.103u1Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 29, 2008btoads: Is the writing at the end of the game supposed to be brown with green bits around them ??? doesn't look right.-Misc Reporters-
 012891N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 29, 2008exerion, exeriont, exerionb: Obscure bonus bug.gregf
 014350.123u2InterfaceTypoResolvedFeb 28, 2008Wrong resolution info for multi screen games.Justin Kerk
 014340.123u2Crash/FreezeCritical (emulator)ResolvedFeb 28, 2008connect4: Crash.JWallace
 0113410.117GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 27, 2008mslug2: On the 4th level boss, some corruption on the tiles close to the top of the screen on the big cannon.-Misc Reporters-
 01390N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 25, 2008twineagl: There is no collision detection for the 1p and 2p helicopters in attract mode.Smitdogg
 0128410.36b12SoundMinorResolvedFeb 25, 2008ddragon: The snare and bass drums in the music disappear when the little hand appears on the screen to tell you to move along.-Misc Reporters-
 0125730.103GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 25, 2008btoads: There was some priority bug on level 2 bossStefan Lindberg
 0072710.109u3GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 25, 2008ncommand: Flicking screen at the top.-Misc Reporters-
 0093020.119u2SoundMinorResolvedFeb 25, 2008YM2610 FM sound regression: YM2610 regression by new tools.-Misc Reporters-
 0001810.113u1DIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 25, 2008lethalj: The crosshairs don't line up properly with your shots.Twisty
 0039410.78u6SoundMinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008firebatl: After game over, if you do not qualify for the high score table, the final note of the game over tune will stickBSR
 014241N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008wwfwfesta: When fighting outside of the ring, the ropes lack the correct texture.-Misc Reporters-
 01425N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008xain: On the first stage, there is a large gap with rock and metal platforms floating.-Misc Reporters-
 01426N/ASpeedMinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008szaxxon: The game goes way too fast, making it impossible to play.-Misc Reporters-
 01427N/AMisc.TypoResolvedFeb 24, 2008zaxxon: After you enter your initials, the screen proudly displays: INITIALS ENTERD-Misc Reporters-
 014231N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008wwfsstar: When fighting outside the ring, the scrolling is jerky.-Misc Reporters-
 014221N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008sinistar: Rows of zeroes appear on the title screen.-Misc Reporters-
 014210.36rc1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008hotchase: There are some problems with placement and clipping of objects.-Misc Reporters-
 01419N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 24, 2008warpwarp, warpwarpr2, warpwarpr: A white block appears on the left bottom of the title screen.-Misc Reporters-
 0141810.120u3Misc.MajorResolvedFeb 22, 2008All games in vicdual.c and blockade.c: If you insert another credit while the game is in progress, your current game immediately ends.Tafoid
 01417N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008vendetta: Player sometimes can't hit a guy lying on the ground and sometimes he hits the guy when standing aside from him.-Misc Reporters-
 01416N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008twincobr: At end of the level, the helicopter sometimes doesn't land on the pad.-Misc Reporters-
 014140.122u7Original ReferenceMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008toki: Two original issues about credits.Kold666
 014130.116u4SoundCritical (emulation)ResolvedFeb 22, 2008bgaregga: In the sound test if you hear sound A "FF", the sound cpu crashes and you can't hear anything any more.Kold666
 014120.116u2Crash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ClosedFeb 22, 2008Most sets in tnzs.c: There are a number of sets in this driver that either reset/freeze or loop under certain conditions.Tafoid
 0141120.62Color/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008tmnt: In the sewer level, enemies' color changes.-Misc Reporters-
 014101N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008tmnt: During scene 3, there are some priority problems when the cars drive by.-Misc Reporters-
 01409N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008tmnt2: Some samples seem cut off.-Misc Reporters-
 014080.62GameplayMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008scontra: Problem at the 2nd level boss.Smitdogg
 01407N/AColor/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008junglek: The character's hair color changes from stage to stage.-Misc Reporters-
 01406N/AGraphicsMajorResolvedFeb 22, 2008contcirc: The game is unplayable due to incredible shaking.-Misc Reporters-
 014050.118u3Misc.MajorResolvedFeb 22, 2008dleague: About 90 seconds of inactivity will, regardless of where in the game is it, cause the "GAME OVER" to appear.stephh
 012330.123u1DIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 22, 2008progear: Button 3 is a rapid fire button.AWJ
 01404N/ASoundMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008yuyugogo: The voice for the first credit insert gets clipped.-Misc Reporters-
 0140310.56GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pulirula: There is a line glitch beneath you in level 4.-Misc Reporters-
 0140210.56GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pulirula: On a later level, the shadow is behind the waves but not behind the water below.-Misc Reporters-
 0140020.57GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008growl: In-game message doesn't disappear.Bugfinder
 013990.115u2SoundMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008upndown: When you insert the first coin there is no sound.Kold666
 0139710.102u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008ppcar: The letters are cut off at the bottom on the title screen.Twisty
 01396N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008spacefb, spacefbg, spacefbb, spacebrd, spacedem: No transparency on sprites.-Misc Reporters-
 01395N/ASpeedMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008snowbros: There are terrible slowdowns in Snow Bros. ONLY in the final boss stage.-Misc Reporters-
 013941N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pow: Sometimes a small black vertical line appears on the right part of the screen.-Misc Reporters-
 01393N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008bermudat: When you set the "Bonus Lives" dip switch to '60k 120k', different value is displayed in the service mode.-Misc Reporters-
 013921N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008simpsons: Lines appear in the balloons on and off on the first bonus stage.-Misc Reporters-
 01391N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008shangkid: After the first demo runs, the sprites that make up the SHANGHAI KID logo aren't erased.-Misc Reporters-
 0138820.62GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008blandia: On some levels when the battle points are tallied, some of the words are missing letters.Darkk
 01386N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008desertbr: The coin slot #1 (5 key) doesn't actually add credits, although it *does* play a credit added sound ingame when pressed.-Misc Reporters-
 01385N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008shangon: The time on hi-score table is wrong if you end the expert course in more than 10 minutes ...-Misc Reporters-
 01384N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008ridleofp: The insects travel under the bricks.-Misc Reporters-
 01383N/ACrash/FreezeCritical (emulation)ResolvedFeb 21, 2008royalmah: If you press the RIGHT arrow, the game resets itself, and goes back to the initial test.-Misc Reporters-
 01382N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008rollace, fightrol: When you hit an enemy skater while going at full speed, the game says that's worth 2000 points, but you only get 1000 points.-Misc Reporters-
 01381N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008rallyx: Trick in the challenging stage.-Misc Reporters-
 01380N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008rallyx: Right at the beginning of the game if you go immediately down thereby crashing into the competitor's car, you won't die.-Misc Reporters-
 01387N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008blandia: There's a priority problem between layer with pillars and status text/energy bars in Jurane level.Nomax
 01379N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008rainbowe: Power up items and diamonds.-Misc Reporters-
 01378N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008rbisland: C-chip and secret room issue.-Misc Reporters-
 013760.117u2SpeedMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008zookeep: Is 75Hz Vsync correct?-Misc Reporters-
 0137410.37b16GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008wbeachvl: In Japan stage, 3 volleyball fans are wearing invisible shorts.-Misc Reporters-
 01373N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pushman: Appears to have 2 player support but player 2's game seems inaccessible.-Misc Reporters-
 01367N/AColor/PaletteMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacman: Sometimes the colours on the first level appear incorrect until you either die or finish the level.-Misc Reporters-
 01368N/ASpeedMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacman: Your character in the game moves too slow; in the arcade you go much faster.-Misc Reporters-
 01369N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacman, superpac: In the intro, when the ghosts appear from right to left, there's a little hiccup.-Misc Reporters-
 01370N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008pacplus: Sometimes one of the ghosts doesn't turn blue when you eat an energizer.-Misc Reporters-
 01371N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008phoenixa, phoenixc, phoenixt, phoenix3: Score suddenly increases by 200,000 points for no apparent reason.-Misc Reporters-
 01366N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 21, 2008mspacpls: The prizes go through the walls.-Misc Reporters-
 01365N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008pacland, paclandj, paclando, paclando2, paclandm: The background layers on trip 19 appear to be out of order.-Misc Reporters-
 01363N/ADIP/InputMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008ninjaw: This is a freeze input *deliberately* hooked up, it is not a bug. Possibly it would make sense to map as a DIP but that is a MAM-Misc Reporters-
 013622N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008whp: Some glitches with the finish screen, minor grafics glitches in lower right corner.-Misc Reporters-
 01361N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008sengoku: When you play as the dog, there are certain enemies you cannot hurt with your basic claw attack at all.-Misc Reporters-
 01360N/ADIP/InputMinorClosedFeb 20, 2008ragnagrd, stakwin2: When you set the Territory DIP to USA, Player 2 cannot play/inputs do nothing.-Misc Reporters-
 013590.58SoundMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008nitd: Start the game and insert a coin. The music will begin. When the timer gets to Note: 00022, it stops.-Misc Reporters-
 01358N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008ncommand: Glitches/flickering at top of screen expecially during intro near the game logo.Mamesick
 0135720.120u2GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008shocktr2: Glitches/flickering in the intro at top of screen (snap) and during game.Mamesick
 0135610.120u4GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008mslug2: In first level on high side of the screen graphics glitches are present.Layne
 0135510.116u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008matrim: Defeat Lynn with Shintaro, and the quote exchange after the fight will be missing a part of the word bubble.-Misc Reporters-
 01354N/AGraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008kof98, breakrev, neocup98, realbout2: If you insert a coin on the "Some winners don't use drugs" screen, will use the neogeo bios s1 tileset, not the game ones.-Misc Reporters-
 01353N/AGameplayMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008kof2000: If you have Mai on your team, and stand still with her, your opponent will stand still too.-Misc Reporters-
 012340.123u1InterfaceMajorResolvedFeb 20, 2008When attempting to play back recording, getting a fatal error.-Misc Reporters-
 0123510.123u1GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008pooyan: The triple digit points awarded from hitting enemies now have garbage behind them - possibly other digits?Twisty
 01352N/AMisc.MinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008fatfury3: Gritch of the ending with the English BIOS.Karasu
 0135120.64GraphicsMinorResolvedFeb 20, 2008exvania: At the end of a gameplay, a box in the upper-left of the screen appears.Luja